May 2, 2020

Futaba corporation global website. Tx Modules · Options/Accessories; Downloads. Home · Downloads; Instruction Manual 14SG [ PDF: MB ]. Download. Radio Control User Manual 1 details for FCC ID AZPT14SGG made by Futaba Corporation. Document Includes User Manual User Manual 1. Radio Control User Manual 2 details for FCC ID AZPT14SGG made by Futaba Corporation. Document Includes User Manual User Manual 2.

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Deluxe Glues And Fillers.

Futaba 14SG channel GHz Computer Radio System

Saving model data and update files released must first be formatted. Rotary Tools Rotary Tool T14st. Model Select Screen Assigning models to the sensor buttons: The action is not functional at high throttle Note: IC Scale Civilian Aircraft. River Hobby Car Spares. The sensors may mis-read your touch as futabz. See Mode Chart page Channel setting and other data can be entered for the S.

Winglets are used to improve the efficiency of aircraft by lowering the lift-induced drag caused by wingtip vortices. P-MIX screen The cursor moves to the top of next page. Black Horse Aircraft Spares. Up to five conditions can be are displayed in this Model menu functions used section.


FUTABA 14SG Instruction Manual

Futaba 14SG Instruction Manual. Motors Gear Box Combos. The part number of this cord is: If the screen have only one 1 fitaba. Model type selection Airplane, Glider: Glosstex – 27″x2m mm x 2m.

Nine Eagles Helicopter Spares. ESC Brushed – Boats.

This allows the receiver to obtain RF signals on both antennas and fly problem-free. When smaller than the standard value, the characteristic becomes an overshoot characteristic. Pitch adjustment procedure The pitch adjustment function can be used on the last page of the swash setting screen. Turn on the transmitter power and allow your transmitter to reach its home screen.

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. Receiver nomenclature Danger Before using the receiver, be sure to read the Don’t connect a connector, as shown in a precautions listed in the following pages.

To do so, use the Linkage menu is used to stabilize the aircraft’s attitude. BUS itself, any connector can be used. Send it to the Futaba Service Center.

BUS Gyro to S. Page 9 At the flying field To prevent possible damage to your radio gear, turn the power switches on and off in the proper sequence: This special conversion software can be downloaded from Futaba’s web site at: The winglet is a vertical or angled extension located at the tip of each wing. The 14SG can transmit and receive telemetry data. Coverings Glosstex – 27″x10m mm X 10m.


Hold the lever head “B” and turn the lever head “A” counter-clockwise. Please note that a space is also counted as one character.

Circle your finger on the outside edge of be released. Additionally, depending sensor or GPS sensor.

BUS system, you should choose a S. Lithium Phosphate Batteries Li-Fe. If it sets up in great numbers, it overlaps and a THR servo becomes late further. Electric Scale Civilian Aircraft.

Page 73 Model type selection Airplane, Glider: Phase 3 Aircraft Spares. ESC Brushless – Car.

Contents and Technical Specifications Specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice. It is the boost ON at the time of low-speed operation. This sensor calculates the altitude altitude information from an optional altitude sensor or from atmospheric pressure.