July 7, 2020

FreeRTOS support forum archive – FreeRTOS porting on LPC This porting guide walks you through modifying the Amazon FreeRTOS software package to work on boards that are not Amazon FreeRTOS qualified. Amazon. Porting for FreeRTOS to new processor/compiler platforms and those not currently supported by FreeRTOS project.

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Amazon FreeRTOS Porting Guide

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Proting have the above code written for LPC microcontroller. When i try to compile and run the code, it doesn’t give any error. The Data abort occurs when it tries to execute vTaskStartScheduler function. In the above code, we have vPortStartFirstTask ; which is not defined anywhere.

I am unable to understand how asm file gets intergated to c code here and where from vPortStartFirstTask ; is coming. Please, guide me here. You don’t say which compiler you are using, but from the syntax Freettos am guessing I love guessing it porging Keil? In which case you would need to also include an assembly file in your project – which is called portASM. As your code is compiling and running, up to a point anyway, I presume you are already building the required asm file.


Are you sure it is crashing in the function you state, rather than completing that function, starting a task, then crashing in the task. You can step through the code to determine that, and if you step through the code you will also see the definition of vPortStartFirstTask. If it is crashing in vPortStartFirstTask then the most likely cause is the processor is in the wrong state when main is called.

It needs to be in Supervisor state. It is definitely crashing in vPortStartFirstTask. But the processor is in supervisor state at this time also. I have atatched snapshots when. Please, let me know if want any other information regarding this. I am struck with this because vPortStartFirstTask is akernel function and i dont have any control on this.

One more observation is that when i tried to step-in to that vPortStartFirstTask function, it executed, and went to first task, but when run it directly, it goes to abort mode.

I have included all the files and started frefrtos.

FreeRTOS Porting Guide

Mostly, might not porring missed it. I stepped thorugh the assembly and when i step with debugger connected the execution goes to asm. In this case it looks like the first task is starting, so the crash is happening after that, not in vPortStartFirstTask.

If you put a break point on the call to vTaskDelayso the program stops before calling it, does it get to the break point? Here now the problem is the execution goes to first task. But i debug further and execute the loop several times after loops the data abort occurs. Might be queue is overflown here?


[RTOS Support] FreeRTOS porting on LPC

How to overcome this? Now it goes to vTask2 directly and after few loops in the task it again goes to Data abort mode Posted by mohanraoksm on December 2, When i see the port.

This is done from portISR. Posted by rtel on December 2, Posted by mohanraoksm on December 5, You guessed it right. I am using Keil compiler. The ARM treertos is in Supervisor mode. Posted by rtel on December 5, Are you sure you are debugging the program you think you are? Have you tried stepping through the assembly code for vPortStartFirstTask?

But the only problem is if i run directly, the code goes to abort mode. Sometimes people build the files but don’t actually download them to the microcontroller. Yes, you are right. Also, my execution never goes to second queue. How to go to my second task from here? I would recommend starting with a simpler system. First have just one task that does this: Then you can add in blocking code, etc.

I added new code as mentioned by you In which case perhaps it aborts when the tick interrupt fires for the first time. Fail Safe File System: Delivered online or on-site.

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