May 7, 2020

“A friend told me she and her fiancée had to take something called a FOCCUS Inventory as they prepared for marriage. What is this and what is. FOCCUS is an assessment tool for couples who wish to be married. FOCCUS stands for Facilitating, Open, Couple, Communication, Understanding, and Study . FOCCUS is a survey designed to help couples learn more about their unique relationship. The FOCCUS Inventory should be taken online within two months of .

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We went and did just the foccus and it took us about an hour, but that’s all we did.

FOCCUS Inventory and Mentor Couples

We have discussed the expectations each of us has as to our role as husband and wife. While FOCCUS is not a test and is not used to label couples or predict marital outcome, the report ihventory used by the Facilitator couple to help couples celebrate their relationship strengths and talk to each other about topics warranting further attention.

It took me about 30 minutes, but the priest actually had us take ours home on the honor system to fill i out without consulting with each other. How to Pray With Your Spouse: We did it during the last part of our first marriage prep class.

Taking it took about 45 minutes for each of us to really thoroughly consider all invehtory questions, and then after we had sealed up our responses, we actually went through each item and talked about what we picked. Maybe you can ask if it can be done that way for you?

What is a FOCCUS Inventory?

We all know marriage is difficult as shown by the raising rates of divorce. These are NOT tests, but rather instruments that prompt discussion on sometimes sensitive issues.


What gets in the way of thi Reasons not to Marry Marriage is a big decision, be sure you’re doing it for the right I would let the priest know when you begin that you have a wake that you need to attend, and you don’t want to rush, but you thought he should know.

That seems to be a running problem from what I’ve heard from other couples. So I don’t know We do not share our email database with any marketers or third parties.

Thanks for all of your responses! Go with what you know is the honest answer and leave it at that.

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Four Simple Steps Want to grow spiritually with your spouse? Our priest specifically told us not to spend a lot of time on each question, he wanted our gut reaction since the questions are written to invite different understandings of the meaning.

My future spouse and I have discussed our sacramental marriage commitment to each other under all circumstances. Ecumenical and Interfaith Marriages Marrying someone of another faith? FOCCUS assesses nineteen categories to help couples sort the challenges and strengths they are bringing into marriage.

FACET is a tool for assessing the relationship of a couple planning to be married. But I can’t imagine it taking more than an hour and a half, unless your priest has a bunch of other things planned for the meeting.

He also went over every question we didn’t agree on to find out why. We have discussed the ways our families solved problems and how this may affect our problem solving.

The Sandwich Generation Taking care of your children and aging parents can be difficult. The day we went over our scores, I think we were there for about 2 hours, because even though our responses were pretty much all the same, we ended up just really enjoying the conversations our couple had for us. Meaning and Purpose Marriage is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. My future spouse and I can talk candidly about our sexual intimacy in marriage.


Planning a Catholic Wedding. For more information callor e-mail: You get a more honest toccus that way, since we react first and think later.

A D U 39 My future spouse and I are open to having children.

Is online dating a waste of time if I want to get married? Report 0 Reply to Post. It only took me 20 minutes to take it, but I read fast.

So just be aware that you may read it one way, and your FI another. We want you to have a healthy, happy and permanent relationship. A D U 7 There are certain behaviors or habits in my future spouse that sometimes annoy me. Planning a Catholic Wedding? I sometimes feel that this may not be the right person for me to marry.

He said that for a couple our age 27 and 28 and time we’ve been together 2 yearswe showed great growth and maturity. We’ve went over it the past two meetings and still have more to talk about!

Recently engaged and looking to get married in the Catholic Church? Don’t worry about whether or not all of your answers match. We also noticed that the reason for a lot of our disagreements in the test was the way we interpreted the question. Facilitators offer feedback and teach relationship skills. There are certain behaviors or habits in my future spouse that sometimes annoy me. How did you grow as a family?

We didn’t have to do it in 1 sitting.