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Asher Colombo completed his Ph.

People — Death in Italy

He was director of the Journal “Polis. Asher’s research focuses mainly on death and disposal in Italy in an historical perspective from onwards using a wide range of sources. He is the author of the monograph I limiti della potenza Il Mulino,the editor of Scenari di transizione Il Mulino,and the co-editor of Quel che resta di Mao. He is currently completing research on how Western attitudes towards soldiers’ deaths have changed throughout history.

Del Grosso Destrieri, M. Full CV and the list of publications is available here. Her past research has focused on narratives of ageing, race based inequalities in physical and mental health, reception of forced migrants, use and perceptions of emergency contraceptives.

My research interests concern immigration, adolescence, second generations and intergenerational relations parenting styles, religion, language. Recently I dealt with the issue of immigrant rapresentation by trade unions and the issue of national belonging and citizenship. I also worked on policies of inclusion for Roma and Sinti populations. After a start in which she has been particularly interested in communication, advertising and leisure, her main scientific interests focused on welfare, social exclusion process, inequality and social stratification.

In the most recent period she has resumed the studies on communication from a methodological point of view, focusing her reflections and scientific production on the analysis of the digital environment, big data and big corpora, data science and data literacy. His research mainly concerns the connections between media, imaginary and society.


Federico Boni (Author of The Watching Dead)

He has worked in the field of communication Rai and Mediasetjournalism “il manifesto”, “La Repubblica” and published numerous essays, including “Sociologie dell’immaginario””Introduzione alla Sociologia del cinema” and “L’imperio dei segni” Maria Gabriella Grassia Ph. She is member of research committee of the Ph. D course on Social Science and Statistics.

Her research areas are: She is currently a research fellow at the University of Naples. Her research is focusing on poverty and social exclusion, homelessness, migration, policies of inclusion for Roma and Sinti, youth and social inequality.

Her main research interests deal with methodology and sociology of science.

She is expert in investigation techniques and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. She is member of the steering committee of the research centre Observa — Science in Society and coordinator of Science in Society Monitor. Nicoletta Bosco is full professor in Sociology of cultural and communication processes at the University of Turin, where she is president of the master degree in Sociology.

Her main research interests concern communication processes federic institutions and citizen, health inequalities, public discourse about chronic illness and end of the life, social health integration and inter professional relationships.

Her main research interests are related to the quality of work life in organizations; the reciprocity of wellbeing between operators and service-users; the aging of workforce; the psychological consequences of violence and aggressions in the workplace; the negative effects of being exposed to psychosocial risks: Figure e immaginari della clonazione umana come partenogenesi maschile nel cinema “Studi culturali” Her fedrico research interests are screen studies, television studies in an historical perspective and especially regarding the analysis of tv series and their cultural and social meaning, all the promotional forms and their relationship with imagery, visual culture.

Among her recent publications Im agining. After graduating and a first experience as a teacher in secondary schools, in he entered, as a researcher in Social Statistics, at the University of Urbino.

Here he mainly deals with statistical methods for the evaluation and programming of social and health services, not disdaining incursions even in areas not directly related to these.


Proof of this are the latest interests, ranging from surveys on the motivations of students interpetsonale to particular training courses Conservatories, Higher Institutes for Graphic Industriesto environmental surveys and food culture of young people, to anthropological interests on the theme of representations popular with a sacred theme. Sabrina Moretti is associate professor of General Sociology and she teaches Methodology of social sciences and Social network analysis at the University of Urbino.

She works on the field of analysis and simulation of social networks in the field of organizations studies. Her research focuses on the feeerico of consumer action, the sociology of consumer practices and the politics of contemporary consumer culture as well as sociology of leisure and sport and sexuality and gender. She is also working on the sociology of emotions, visual studies, and ethnography.

She has done empirical research on ethical consumption, consumer movements, fitness, health and active leisure, consumption and class boundaries, lifestyles and the economic crisis, fashion and gender, quality food circuits.

Death in Italy

My main research interests are gender studies and sociology lnterpersonale consumption. He has published widely on cultural studies and communication studies.

Her main research topics are gender studies, the sociology of the body and the sociology of family life.

Her publications range over many sociological domains: Web site amaturo unina. Web site interpersonae unina. Nicoletta Bosco Principal Investigator of the research unit at the University of Turin Nicoletta Bosco is full professor in Sociology of cultural and communication processes at the University of Turin, where she is president of the master degree in Sociology. Adriano Favole Member of the research unit at the University of Turin.