May 8, 2020

The complete New York Times bestselling Uglies series is available as a collectible boxed set. The future isn’t far away. In Tally Youngblood’s world, looks . Aya Fuse considers herself an Extra throughout much of Extras. This article is a stub. You can help Uglies Wiki by expanding it. For the book, see Extras (book). Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. Simon& Schuster on October 2, , and is a companion book to the Uglies series.

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The man from the village of little men that the scientists from Tally’s City created.

She then follows Eden into a cave, where she is ambushed by the mag-lev riders, who call themselves the Sly Girls. Will I be able to read it since I haven’t read the first books? Views Read Edit View history.

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The Uglies series was my first exposure to Westerfeld and though I really liked Uglies and liked Pretties and pretty much liked Specials I gotta say i’m noticing a pattern with his characters. She lives in a society created to function with perfect-looking people who never have a chance to think for themselves. Did I mention that you can get a modification and have manga eyes?

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Dec 08, Caryn rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 05, Cathy rated it it was ok.

Extras (book)

Les Dystopies Paroledelea 36 livres. The genre is realistic fiction, and my son loved it. I kind if hated Aya. If that had sucked as bad as this one, I would have loved to give that a one star, then the pattern would be complete.

Uglies, Tome 4 : Extras – Scott Westerfeld – Babelio

I tried to love her, exyras try I did. Her character is not put to justice in this book. This would be a stupid movie.

There’s extdas something – at least a sentence, that impresses you. I felt like Scott Westerfeld just wrote this one for the fans and that he was really finished when he did the third book. Ships from and sold by Amazon. As if being fifteen doesn’t suck enough, Aya Fuse’s face rank is so low, she’s a total nobody. Is it any good? Its plot wasn’t very engaging, and once they figure out what ugliex Extras are doing, it jumps to the party scene.

View all 18 comments. Then she stumbles upon a big secret.

Extras (Uglies, #4) by Scott Westerfeld

The “aliens” are actually surgically augmented humans who are trying to save the planet from At one moment the charac I am just going to pretend that this book doesn’t exist! Families can talk about celebrity. Citations et extraits 28 Voir plus Ajouter une citation. I liked how it was all accumulated around the Japanese society, but other than that, I was expecting much more of this book.

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Les cookies assurent le bon fonctionnement de Babelio. They all want something superficial and they strive like with Tally and are willing to sell out people to get it. Which way does Aya chose? However, she does have the chance to tell Hiro and Ren about the Sly Girls story, and from her description Ren guesses that the chute inside the mountain is a mass driver which, combined with the steel projectiles, could be used to launch an attack on the city.

It takes place in Japan, where the economy is based on popularity. Jul 05, Carrie B.

Other than those two facts, that cost the book two stars, Extras was a great book. And it lands in her lap.

Add both to Cart Add both to List. Both are unstable and highly questionable ethics, extrax so thought-provoking. I thought I might as well read it now even though i remember nothing.