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Innovative and self-directed, EXPERIMENTS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRYFEATURING MEASURENET, 2nd Edition prepares students for the laboratory setting by. Experiments in General Chemistry Featuring MeasureNet Guided Inquiry, Self- Directed, and Capstone Second Edition Bobby Stanton University of Georgia Lin . Innovative and self-directed, EXPERIMENTS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY: FEATURING MEASURENET, 2nd Edition prepares students for the.

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Experiment 7 n Types of Chemical Reactions 85 The density of a liquid can be determined by weighing a known volume of the liquid. Cover the beaker with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, being careful not to splash any solvent on the paper.

Mass of crucible, lid, and residue after 1st heating The format for writing the Procedure Proposal is provided in Appendix Chemisty The total amount of heat energy will be conserved and the cooler substance water will experience a temperature rise as the warmer substance cools.

Determine the molar mass of the metal. Return the dry styrofoam cups and lid to your instructor. Crop fertilizers and salting of roads during winter are other sources of metal ion contaminants. The wearing of shorts, tank tops, mid-riffs and sandals is permitted in the laboratory. The pH of the acid solution will increase very slowly initially, then increase more rapidly.

Lambda max wavelengths are unique for each metal or ion and the different oxidation states of an ion. Thus, the separation of transition metal ions in a chromatographic process is highly dependent upon the charge densities of these ions.


The equivalence-point of a titration occurs when the added quantity of one reactant is the exact amount necessary for stoichiometric reaction with Figure 1 Figure 1a depicts a typical mL buret.

Certain chemical vapors may cause eye irritations when contact lenses are worn. Densities of Some Liquids and Solids.

If a reaction does not occur, state a reason why the reaction did not occur. Obtain 2 mL of an unknown metal ion solution from your laboratory instructor. Show all calculations to justify your answer. Measurenft density of copper is 8.

What compound servers as the stationary phase in chromatography paper. A list of insoluble geneal hydroxides that form soluble ammine complexes in excess aqueous ammonia is provided in Table 5. The procedure proposals are graded, corrected, and returned to each team one week before they perform the self-directed experiment. Heat the crucible with a Bunsen burner for 5 minutes; the bottom of the crucible should glow red. Determination of Ka or Kb for an Acid or Base. Naturally alkaline basic rivers, chemisyry, and streams have a much lower risk of chemistgy metal contamination than naturally acidic water.

The solid which must not react with nor dissolve in the liquid and have a density greater than the liquid is placed in a calibrated container usually a graduated cylinder containing a previously measured volume of the liquid.

The activity series of some elements is given in Table 2, where the most chemically active elements are listed at the top of the table, and the least active elements are listed at the bottom of the table.


Write NP in the spaces if no precipitate forms. geaturing

Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet

A self-directed experiment is one in which students write their own experiment to solve an assigned problem. Use the same two styrofoam cups in Part B of the experiment that were used in Part A. Should you record your observations from each test tube in the Lab Report?

The heat absorbed by the calorimeter is the difference in the heat lost by the warm water and the heat absorbed by the cool water. Both react with NaOH to form insoluble metal hydroxides see Eqs.

Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet

The unknown solution will contain 1 or 2 of the following metal ions: Beryllium hydroxide behaves as a base when it reacts with acids to form salts and water. Always weigh an object when it is at room temperature. Lake Lanier is routinely monitored by state and federal environmental agencies for the presence of featuuring, and other heavy metal ions.

If a redox reaction occurs, indicate which element is oxidized and which element is reduced. In a titration, a buret Figure 1a is used to dispense small increments of a reagent solution. Note the temperature on the MeasureNet workstation display. The general formula for a decomposition reaction is given below.

Obtain a small 1 in. Note that absorption bands are typically very broad, covering multiple wavelengths.