February 16, 2021

FILE. Open, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-F. Save, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-S. Save As, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-W. Save All, Ctrl-X, S. Revert to File, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V. Revert Buffer, Meta-X, revert-buffer. 58 time-saving Hotkeys for Emacs Extensive, exportable, wiki-style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys. 51 Keyboard Shortcuts for Emacs at The internet’s online database for keyboard shortcuts.

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Select menu item by number.

Do you have any useful tips for program? This is a severe restraint to the utility of customized shortcuts. Complete up to one word. Expand previous word dynamically. Thus, every program had to be learned individually and its complete user interface memorized.

Activate menu bar items in text terminals. Fetch previous minibuffer input. Emacs simply set the Alt to send Meta signal. For example, they should be on the home row.

How much data does Windows Update use? Enter the Info documentation reader. Enable or disable input method. Show commands matching a string. The function keys, F1 to Ekacsare very good key space for user to define their own shortcuts. The keyboard on lisp machines have the Ctrl key besides the space bar similar to the position of Alt keys on PC keyboardsand Meta to the left of Ctrl. For example, the cursor moving keys are uotkeys around the keyboard with positions that are most difficult to hoteys.


Get mode specific information. Emacs has this in its Emacs Lisp manual: Start defining a keyboard macro. Some programs used Escape to cancel an action, some used it to complete one; WordPerfect used it to repeat a character.

Prefix each line starts with. Set fill column to arg. Split window, side by side. P is for Print. Emacs’s keys are designed with a keyboard that practically has the Ctrl and Alt key positions swapped.

Lisp Machine’s keyboards died with Lisp Machines. Hltkeys region in register. Delete all other windows. Edit and repeat the last command that used the minibuffer.

Add mode-local expansion for this abbrev. F1 was often help but in WordPerfect that was F3. Switch cursor to another window for frame.

Emacs Keys Basics

Go to top node of Info file. Most programer who have used emacs for years never use these commands. Save a file back to disk. Put exactly one space at point. The Alt is placed right beside the space bar, while Ctrl is placed far to the corner. Hotjeys buffer in other window.


Reverse regular expression search. Split window, above and below for frame. Continue last tags search on query-replace. Today, most commonly used keyboard shortcuts have been somewhat informally standardized.

Skip to next without replacing.

Scroll to next screen. The following is a excerpt from the Wikipedia article on Common User Access:. Find next occurence of a tag.

Best Keyboards for Emacs. This is why, the shortcuts for the most used commands in emacs involve the Ctrl key instead of the Meta key. Open rectangle, shifting text right.

58 Shortcuts for Emacs (Linux)

Yank back last thing killed. Write buffer to specified file. Character delete, not kill – backward.

Eappend to last keyboard macro. Select previous search string.