April 30, 2020

Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston. The author spends a lot of time explaining just how different and unique photography is. Edward Weston begins his essay by stating that all art forms have their limitations imposed on them by their tools, materials or the processes. I read Edward Weston’s “Seeing Photographically” essay years ago. But I only came to grasp its meaning this year as I was taking a digital.

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January 30, at 4: If this didn’t happen the result would either be a failure or a happy accident, but not successful by design. These things that lead up to the photograph is the process that makes every photo unique, because every photographer will have a different angle in mind.

But as time progresses, you will evward more comfortable with your camera, the development process, and how to compose your exposure to get the perfect image. WIthin photography there is this need to learn and train your eye to see the world around so you can really see the photlgraphically before you even take the image.

Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically” | LMU Art Photography

Edward Weston discusses how photography as a medium gives us too many options. I also understand better how there are so many options for photographing just phorographically thing.


Email required Address never made public. It first introduces a photographer names Edward Weston, who believed that the goal qeston photography is to produce a realistic representation of the world in a time where photographers were trying to mimic paintings with their art.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I thought this was a great comparison but it also made me think. Thus, photographers have to visualize their world in relation to their lens so that their photographs capture the pieces of the world that they want, in the way in which they want.

When confronted with the camera, I found myself having a certain image wesfon my mind of how I wanted the piece to look like, but then not being able to make it through the lens. As Weston states, “Photography has or will eventually, negate much painting—for which the painter should be deeply grateful; wdward him, as it were, from certain public demands: The second of the two: At least to the point of competency, at which point you can decide if that look suits you and the work you like to create.

If an artist has an idea in mind, he or she has no reason to refrain from creating that desired image.

Interactive Media: Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston

Furthermore, it became an art of photo-printing rather than photography. Because no single photo can ever capture the whole truth. Now a days, a lot of music is edited with the technology available. Seeing his work reminds me of home, and the memories I have there. January 29, at You are commenting using your WordPress. Posted by Kaitlyn at Photography is my biggest passion in life.


This process has definitely gotten easier as I continue to shoot. Therefore, you have to be able to see the image and photograph it in your mind before taking it. Rather than being created slowly like a painting or a sculpture, photography is created instantaneously.

Therefore, not many people can edwarv how to see photographically and the creative process of taking a photograph is definitely not easy. This is LyAnn by the way, sorry.

However, this cannot be taught, and it will only come through experience. Being able to think about how it will be processed, composited, colored, etc.

Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically”

If musicians and artists can argue their mediums are methods of art than Photographcally wants to argue the same for photography. Although working digitally and in colour, I have always aimed for crisp sharp images and have discarded any that were not so.

Nature of the Image.

September 19, at 6: