May 6, 2020

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Sitting down demands lower energy expenditure and therefore takes less effort 1. It was concluded that traffic control agents suffer postural edema after 4 hours working in either of the postures investigated although with a predominance of edema formation among those who work standing up.

The research protocol number FT was submitted to and approved by the local Research Ethics Committee before any of the data collection stages were initiated. Swelling due to an excessive accumulation of fluid in the upper or lower extremities. In Brazil, the government has begun to consider its importance over recent years, since there is a consensus of medical opinions that work can have a direct effect on aggravating this condition Edema gravitazionaleEdema decliveEdema ortostaticoEdema posturale.

Services on Demand Journal. As part of daily work, traffic control agents are also exposed to other risk factors, such as poorly paved and maintained roads and sidewalks and the weather with its extremes of temperature and wind 10 Statistical analysis Statistical analysis was conducted using the ANOVA test for parametric data and the test ortostatiico equality of two proportions for nonparametric data.

In occupational rdema, postural edema PE is a significant clinical condition that members of the working population can suffer if they remain standing or seated for periods longer than 4 hours. These findings agree with the literature which shows that remaining standing for a prolonged fdema and constant ambulation are factors that condition a person to musculoskeletal problems, problems with the joints and vascular conditions because the lumbar spine and the lower extremities become overloaded Remaining in a seated position for prolonged periods exposes people to increased discomfort.

Considering that PE is a predictive sign of the development of venous disease, periodic assessments and early intervention orgostatico avoid its emergence could reduce socioeconomic problems such as employee absenteeism and even invalidity retirements, in addition to enhancing day-to-day and leisure activities 68 for this working population.

There is greater fluid buildup during the morning and during the afternoon, although venous hemodynamics change throughout the day, as valve cusp separation produces reflux 78.


Investigation of postural edema in the lower extremities of traffic control workers

Definition NCI Swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid under the skin defined by a persistent indentation when pressure is applied to the swollen area. Correct occupational health surveillance includes conducting workplace risk assessments before implementing specific strategies for promotion, protection and recovery of workers’ health 1. Sixteen traffic control agents were assessed by water displacement volumetry and the results were analyzed in two groups, depending on working posture.

Postural edema is a physiological phenomenon caused by an imbalance in the equilibrium between the forces described by Starling’s law, in which hydrostatic pressure, which is naturally elevated, is increased beyond the colloid osmotic pressure, causing fluid to migrate from the intracellular compartment to the interstitial compartment 12 Seven people who spent more than 4 hours standing up while conducting traffic patrols on foot were allocated to the SU group.

The subjects enrolled on the study were allocated to one of two groups depending on their posture while working.

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It is known that active movement of the LE plays a fundamental role in the dynamics of venous return. The emergence of PE among the traffic control agents may also be partly explicable by other factors, not being exclusively the result of the posture adopted while working.

It should be rdema out that the majority of participants in the SD group works patrolling the streets on motorcycles. However, this can be further aggravated by remaining in the same position for prolonged periods, since venous hemodynamics are altered during working activities, whether the worker remains sitting, remains standing still or is walking around 8. How to cite this article.

Nevertheless, the fact that edema was detected must not be ignored. Related Topics in Examination. It causes muscular compression of the sural pump, which is located in the calf, reducing venous stasis by increasing venous flow volumes and providing an average of 1, A heat resistant glass vessel with the following measurements was used: Related links to external sites from Bing.

This edea the lower frequency of PE when compared to the group who work standing up. Related Bing Images Extra: Edema Distribution and Characteristics Extra: Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended krtostatico use by medical providers.

Metabolic leg exercises can also relieve the symptoms of tiredness and ortostattico of weight and edea in the LE that are caused by edema. When the frequency of postural edema was compared across groups, a trend was observed for greater edema formation in the SU group than in the SD group, although without statistically significant difference.

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Nine people who worked sitting down for more than 4 hours, conducting traffic patrols on motorcycles or performing administrative tasks, were assigned to the SD group. The last of these items describes the principle activity involved in the work of the traffic control agents in the SU group who conduct traffic patrols on foot on the streets, spending long periods standing upright 15 The results for this variable ortostatcio be seen in Table 3.

Rua Estela,bloco E, conj. Therefore, PE combined with remaining in fixed positions for long times while working should be considered as an aggravating physiological factor in circulatory complications. Content is updated monthly with systematic literature reviews and conferences. During their working day, traffic control agents are exposed to several other risk factors, including poorly paved and maintained streets and sidewalks, exposure to varying degrees of natural illumination and urban noise, in addition to the weather with its ortistatico of temperature and wind 12 When the groups were compared, the results revealed a trend for edema to be more likely in the group that worked standing up than in the group that worked sitting down.

Subjects with serious vascular disease or diseases of the skin ortosgatico nails of the foot or if they did not comply with the ortosttaico were excluded from study. Original Articles Investigation of postural edema in the lower extremities of traffic control workers.

The duration of working shift can have an ortostayico. These images are a random sampling from a Bing search on the term “Edema Exam.

Rev Mackenzie Educ Fis Esporte. Scientific evidence shows that prevention deema treatment of PE of the LE of workers who spend long periods either sitting or standing, and also of the symptoms associated with it, improves quality of life and reduces employee absenteeism 6 Each subject ortosttaico assessed for three consecutive days.

No conflicts of interest declared concerning the publication of this article. Just 16 of these people met the inclusion criteria defined for the study, which were: Chronic venous insufficiency is a disease of the venous system that can cause complications with negative impact on people’s lives 79.