August 26, 2020

gate instructions above, with the addition of a tee-piece (not from Turbosmart that plugs directly into the eboost2 LED output with no additional wiring. Details; Applications; Instructions; Accessories. Winner of the Global Press Award at the SEMA Trade Show, e-Boost2 allows the user to control, monitor. For advanced hook up methods, please read the complete E-Boost 2 manual. 1) Enter Setup menu by pressing MODE and SETUP/UP at the same time.

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Discussion in ‘ Turbo Cobras ‘ started by badcobraJul 27, Eboost2 boost by gear how to Discussion in ‘ Turbo Cobras ‘ started by badcobraJul 27, Jul 27, 1. It was so easy, I thought I would share how I did it. I know many run this boost controller and you may not know how easy this is to set up.

I have read others using micro-switches, and this was WAY easier. All you have to do is hook up two different wires and ground two other wires, configure the eboost and that’s it. Hopefully this is helpful to someone. I have no idea how to duplicate this with other boost controllers. Why would you want to run boost by gear? It evoost2 you to ramp boost in based on what gear you are in. If you have trouble running 20lbs in first gear and getting traction, manuaal you can run less in 1st, a little more in 2nd, and hopefully all the boost in high gear.

I do not use a transbrake.

Why does that matter? Because I bought the shift ball with a push-button switch in it that many use to activate a transbrake. If you were using this button to activate a transbrake, you would have to fashion up some other button that you can depress during gear shifts or use for the eboist2.

  AS NZS 4268 PDF

e-Boost2 Quick Start Guide – Turbosmart

If you have a manual trans, this same process would work just as well. Eboosr2 could buy a shiftball with a button and do the exact same thing.

On the eboost2 wiring harness that is probably tucked under your carpet or dash, there are some wires that are not connected to anything. Specifically you are looking for the green wire and the orange wire.

Hooking the green wire up to the shift knob switch allows you to move up set points with each press of this button. Each set point will need to be configured to have a different higher duty cycle and gate pressure. Prior to this, you will have to go into the nSP menu and configure the number of set points.

Since I have 3 gears, I will have 3 different set points.

Hooking the orange wire to another switch allows you to move down set points with each press of the button. All you are doing when pressing either eboots2 is grounding the wire. I then stopped by home depot for a little roll of 16ga wire and some crimp connectors. First things first, I removed my center console as I had to drill a hole for the little switch on my shifter plate. I then measured how long of wire I would need from this switch to reach the orange wire and made it extra long.

I stripped the wire on both ends and proceeded to solder a wire ehoost2 to both of the posts on the switch. Once completed with that, I finished installing the switch in the center console and then reinstalled it in the car. I strung that wire to where the eboost2 harness was under passenger carpet on my car.

Next I screwed the new shift ball in and ran that wire to manuak same spot. Next, I stripped the janual and orange wires on the eboost harness. I thought about soldering these connections also, but it seemed rather silly if I ever had to remove the center console again. The wire from the shifter ball I hooked to the green wire.


On the eboostt2 push button, I hooked up one wire to the orange wire on the eboost harness. I then grounded the remaining wires from the shifter ball and other pushbutton switches. You must ground these two wires.

This will take some effort to get all dialed in. Might be best to jot down what set point makes what boost level.

eBoost2 60mm Black

You will also have to turn mznual switch logic and set to setting SSB. Consult the manual, it’s all in there. Overall this is very easy to do.

I wish I would have done it years ago. My total time on this project is maybe 1 to 1.

Eboost2 boost by gear how to

This is what it looks like in the car, and manul short video description. Jul 27, 2. Jul 27, 3. Jul 28, 4. I definitely need this. Thanks for he write up! Mar 15, 5. I made a video describing how this works.

Hopefully some of you guys with the eBoost2 can get some time and set this up, it is so easy to do. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Search Forums Recent Posts.