May 4, 2020

At the higher end of the market, DVDO also sold the iScan VP50 and VP50 Pro. Originally retailing for thousands, these units are once again. The DVDO iScan VP is a high-definition video processor and A/V hub. This device converts standard or high definition from the user’s DVD Player, VCR, PVR. John checks out the DVDO iScan VP50PRO – a tasty THX Video certified and HDMI enabled video processor.

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I need to test this with a lot more sources to be fully convinced that it works. With regards to video inputs, the VP50 is no slouch. Consider a p projector equipped with this device.

The only way to get the unit to stop combing was to put it in Game mode. The VP50 can deinterlace and upscale a signal with less than three frames of delay. Other presets x, x, x, x, x ALISx, x 2x, x 2x, x, x See any errors on this page?

How much of a difference? In practice, the PReP feature is useful for any progressive signal, not just those from devices with sloppy deinterlacing.

DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor Review

To be fully honest, the verdict is still out. The advantages are clear, but the main disadvantage was recent findings that in some combinations of sources and receivers, there were a few issues dveo audio dropouts, noise bursts, and other problems. This is strange and has been reported to the company.


This is a test DVD that I recorded, composed uscan the toughest 2: The most visibly challenging pieces in my equipment rack are processors, which don’t really have any visible reason for being on the rack. Since the VP50 processes both audio and video, it can slightly delay a source’s audio track to better match its video. The VP50 is the next evolutionary step beyond the VP First, we set the display to native rate dot by dot and used the VP50’s built-in test patterns ten of which I designed to ensure that perfect matching was enacted.

The processor also has the ability to accept future upgrades via software updates.

Details were extra ordinarily crisp. This noise artifact often appears like little mosquitoes surrounding these objects, hence the colorful name. The picture was exceptionally clear, and even p sources looked better with the VP Go to Home Page.

My typical HD test sequences, composed of the typical mix of Sci fi movies The Fifth Element – Lilu’s birth scene, several Star Wars sequences produced amazing results.

These dbdo connections allow you to control external equipment, such as opening and closing your front projector’s screen, controlling a motorized anamorphic lens, or even dimming down your ambient lights. Write a review zryvrcsq.

This puts the VP50 as the forerunner for SD de-interlacing. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks.

DVDO iScan VP50 and VS4 Shipping

Scaling is good, but I do find it a tad soft and would hope that ABT invests more research into including a scaling algorithm that is sharper, particularly when scaling up i to p. The VP50 Pro also adds two 12V trigger options.


Nothing is perfect, however, and the VP50 had a tough time with a Jackie Chan movie that apparently has something strange that causes most de-interlacers to think Film mode is enacted.

Comparing the mosquito removal of the two companies is quite difficult. Input Switching – The VP50 is capable of auto-detecting and switching inputs on both audio and video. After all, a processor can only improve on something that hasn’t already been “corrupted” by another processor. Be the first to review this item.

A movie with 2. As such, these devices make deinterlacing errors and introduce artifacts into the picture.

DVDO iScan Vp50 Model Mm605 Video Processor

Technically speaking, some of the VP50 Pro features were originally intended for the VP50 hence the lack of a model number increment to something like VP60but could not be fitted into the VP50’s more limited hardware specification. A lot has happened since the VP30 was initially released. This allows you to quickly switch from your plasma to your projector analog vs.