October 9, 2020

Durga Mandir is a Hindu temple which is of medieval age. Durga Temple is located in Aihole, Karnataka, India. This temple is part of the. This page provides information about Durga Temple. The ancient medieval era temple Durga Temple is located in Aihole in the state of Karnataka in India. Aihole is called the cradle of temples in Karnataka and rightfully so, and the Durga Temple of Aihole is a beautiful and interesting slice of it. The ancient.

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All the pillars and parapet walls have detailed and intricate carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses, mythological creatures and events and duega generic Hindi motifs of foliage. Get Plans From Destination Experts.

Durga temple, Aihole

Customize and Get Quotes. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. The construction of the temple is suggestive of Indian traditional architecture in the Dravida and Nagara styles, and its unusual shape is reminiscent of the early Buddhist style of building. This temple was probably a part of the fortification of the Marathas.

dura One of the several rooms in the shrine is the Garba Griha Sanctum Curga where the spiritual essence of the temple is palpable. It does feature a Durga sculpture but is dedicated mainly to both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, equal representatives of the holy druga of Hinduism, along with Lord Brahma.

Tourists flock here as a part of their temple visits in Aihole to witness a real sample of authentic Dravidian construction. Write a Review The temple is entered through two flights of steps to the south and north of the mandapa. Nevertheless, there is a sense of spirituality in the air that is only possible because of the brilliant architecture by the Chalukyan artisans. Much of the soul of a temple lies in the grandeur of its architecture; and though not vast in size, the design of the Durga Temple speaks of significance from each of its carvings.


Around the pillared porch there are many slabs with sculptures representing divinities and amorous couples.

Several buses ply from the nearby cities and towns to the temple in Duga. Retrieved 21 October An exquisite sculpture of a seven headed serpent is carved on the ceiling of the Durga temple and the walls are replete with sculptures of various Hindu deities. Unlike durgaa temples in the area, which have square or rectangular plans, the Durga Temple is apsidal. These sculptures are of high order and add refinement and charisma to this temple.

The ancient Dravidian structure can be traced back to the 7th-8th century during the rule of the Chalukyan kings in South India. The presence of pillars leading up vurga the sanctum and the apsidal corridor along the circumference of the core of the shrine give the majestic temple a true artistic divinity.

This apse gives outward through openings between the pillars. On the entrance of the temple, there are two stairs which reach the porch of the temple.

India Karnataka Aihole Durga Temple. The plan of the temple is oblong and apsidal. Hinduism is an ancient religion, and many of the practices were prevalent in the ancient time as well which is proved by the apsidal architecture of the temple, probably created for the devotees to do their circumambulation of the sanctum.

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From here, the pillared room will lead you inside to the sanctum sanctorum of Garbha Griha of the shrine. Coordinates on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata.


Architectural Charm of the Chalukyan Durga Temple in Aihole, Karnataka | The Talkative Man

Like every other monarch, this dynasty too built aiho,e good lot of temples and Durga Temple is among the most graceful as well as unique ones. Aihole, for apparent reasons templee tourism, is well connected with all the important cities around like Badami, Pattadakal and Belgaum. However, later it was determined that the apsidal design is indigenous to Hinduism and was a pan-Indian tradition even before the extensive spread of Buddhism.

Durga Temple, Aihole Overview Aihole is called the cradle of temples in Karnataka and rightfully so, and the Durga Temple of Aihole is a beautiful and interesting slice of it.

DURGA TEMPLE AIHOLE – Picture of Kanthi Resorts, Bagalkot

We use cookies in this webiste to support its technical features, analyze its performance and enhance your user experience. The temple formed part of a fortification probably of the Marathas.

Together with the two other capitals of Badami and Pattadakal, the site has preserved many Hindu and Jain temples which belong to a period that goes from the 6th to the 12th centuries, belonging to the Early and Late Chalukya periods and to the Rashtrakuta era. Reviewed 25 November Durga Temple at Aihole. Hence it got the name Gajaprashtha – ‘Gaja’ means the elephant and aigole means back.

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Durga temple Aihole (दुर्गा मंदिर), Monument, location.

Click the ‘Play’ button to read out loud this webpage content. Auhole New Delhi, India. The temple is very interesting as are the other buildings in the compound.