May 1, 2020

Driven by Eternity has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Introduction John Bevere’s Driven by Eternity is reminiscent of what is arguably one of. In this plan, best-selling author John Bevere paints a vivid picture of the way our earthly lives shape our eternal existence. Life beyond the final breath is much. However, the way you live as a believer determines how you will spend eternity. In this plan, best-selling author John Bevere paints a vivid picture of the way our.

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Would it simply be more empty space where no stars or galaxies can yet be found? Our pastor is doing a foundational teaching on making disciples as THE calling in the life of every believer.

Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever by John Bevere

That’s not a one-time answer, but I hope that my local church will help me to be a worthy worker. Had I known this was a book based on an allegory then I would not have bought it. He definitely mentions this as driiven, but I felt at times he was appealing to our human motives.

The terminally sinful, for who Scripture says we should no longer pray are men and women who have known the truth but have now turned from it, they have known the law of God and will not now submit to it and who have heard yb call to love one another as Jesus loved us but now refuse. I am changed for the better after reading this book.

However, it is very important to consider our lives in the lens of eternity- what are we doing with the Thought and conversation provoking; yet, many places where I questioned some of the attributes of heaven, hell, and the judgment, as described by the author. I highly recommend this book especially if you walk through life, confidently, but knowing there is something missing, something not quite right, something in the quietest places of your heart that know there is more to be lived.

The allegory, which takes up about the first half of the book, was not the usual kind of thing I like to read through. How you are living matters, it isn’t based on ‘free grace theology’ that seems to be perpetrating the churches today. God wants you to discover your calling–he’s not trying to keep you in the dark.


We ought never to presume upon Eternitty grace as we strive to love Him with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength, and all our mind, and love our neighbour as ourself. To ask other readers questions about Driven by Eternityplease sign up.

It has a lot to chew on and if you are not careful in evaluating yourself, it can offend you at bveere glance. The seed is the word of God. Review quote “Driven by Eternity bravely etfrnity one of the great ‘mysteries’ of human existence What are you called to do? These are essential concepts; for me, they are mostly not new revelations.

It has made me want to make sure I am completely sold out for Jesus and to be more mindful in everything I do, think and say, remembering that it all counts in light of eternity. Says Cairns, The most dangerous element in the dispensational scheme is that it affects the very basis of the gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith in Christ. It will go up in smoke even while you may be saved.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Life beyond the final breath is much more than a destination.

The congregation in Enfield, Connecticut, where Edwards was a guest preacher, was filled with cries, shrieks, and moaning as people called out, asking how they could be saved. When one bevete them would get too loud, or play too rough, and he corrected them, they immediately modified their behavior at least for the moment!

John Bdvere uses very tough love in this book to wake you This book was a hard read. Grasping eternity is beyond the scope of the human mind, and the result of that is you don’t spend your life focusing on getting it right.

Driven by Eternity : John Bevere :

Thus the premise and content of the book is a lengthy apology or defence for the false and demoralising doctrine that someone who is truly saved by the grace of God is not truly saved at all!

Trivia About Driven by Eternit Therefore to the unconverted the publishing of Driven by Eternity is a foolish exercise — a complete waste of a tree!

No trivia or quizzes yet. The only word that comes to my mind is ‘disappointment. This is to distort the true nature of man even in his glorified state. One is to gravitate toward the temporal, that which appeases the flesh wood, grass, or straw. Most Christians know their response to the cross determines where they will spend eternity. Thus, were Bevere to be consistent with his Driven by Eternity, he could not sing with conviction the well-know words of the hymn Newton penned post-conversion: I will have to listen to it again.


Man, would I ever like to sit down and talk to him personally.

Driven by Eternity : Make Your Life Count Today & Forever

I only give it 4 starts however because sometimes, Mr. This book was life changing. Includes discussion questions for group study show more.

While in the Army, I was a member of a tight fellowship of Christian believers, who reached out to each other etwrnity support in an environment that was hostile. Who is Driven by Eternity for?

Wanting to read it again, thinking about buying it again, thinking for days on the name of the book so I can do one or more bu these things. They find they always knew there is something more beyond death. In clear but drivem terms, Bevere has immersed himself in the peatbog of Pentecostal theology. Half of this book is allegorical story that reminds parable of sheep and goats, the other half is Bible-teaching about eternal destination, eternal rewards and judgements.

Two steps will help you learn to do this. So yes, the manifestation of the fear of the Lord is obedience to His Word, ways, or commands. If so, what is beyond the wall? Thus human wisdom believes that a the act of preaching the Gospel is foolishness.

Jan 13, Jamie Johnston rated it it was amazing. At first blush the allegory seems contrived, but Bevere adds depth to characters such as Double Life, Deceived and Charity.

And the second half of the book was SO worth it. I don’t think God wants us to stress over whether or not we are saved. I highly recommend this book.