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IMS – DI-MGMT – dated March (superseded by IPMR DID). The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Data Item Description (DID) defines the. DI-MGMT, Scroll down to access document images. Overview. Title: Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) (S/S by DI-MGMT). Scope: The Integrated. DI-MGMT – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Integrated master plan – Wikipedia

In civic planning or urban planningIntegrated Master Plan is used at the levels of city [4] development, [5] county, [6] and state or province to mgm to a document integrating diverse aspects of a public works project. Government and Contractor acquisition team as the day-to-day tools for the planning, executing, and tracking program technical, schedule, and cost status, including risk mitigation efforts.

The primary objective of the IMP is a single plan that establishes the program or project fundamentals. It provides a hierarchical, event-based plan that contains: Events; Significant accomplishments; Entry and exit criteria; du it does not include any dates or durations.

The IMP is a collection of milestones called “events” that form the process architecture of the program. This means the sequence of events must always result in a deliverable product or service.

While delivering products or services is relatively straight forward in some instances 81560.

Often, it’s easier to define the IMP by stating what it is not. The IMP is NOT BASED on calendar dates, and therefore it is not schedule oriented; each event is completed when its supporting accomplishments are completed, and this completion is evidenced by the satisfaction of the criteria supporting each of the accomplishments.


Furthermore, many of the IMP events are fixed by customer-defined milestones e. The critical IMP attribute is its focus on events, when compared to effort or task focused planning.

DI-MGMT – Integrated Master Schedule (Ims) (Replaces Di-Misca)

The event focus asks and answers the question what does done look like? Certainly work must be done to complete a task, but a focus solely on the work hides the more important metric of are we meeting our commitments? While meeting commitments is critical, it’s important to first define the criteria used for judging if the commitments are being met.

It is important to meet commitments, but recognizing when the commitment has been met is even more important. The IMP implements a measurable and trackable program structure to accomplish integrated product development, integrate the functional program activities, and incorporates functional, lower-level and subcontractor IMPs.

Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) Data Item Description (DID)

The IMP provides a framework for independent evaluation of Program Maturity by allowing insight into the overall effort with a level-of-detail that is consistent with levied risk and complexity metrics.

The IMP list the contract requirements documents e. The IMP should include significant accomplishments encompassing all steps necessary to satisfy all mgt objectives and requirements, manage all significant risks, and facilitate Government insight for each event.


Significant accomplishments shall be networked to show their logical relationships and that they flow logically from one to another. An IMS summarized at too high a level may result in obscuring critical execution elements, and contributing to failure of the EVMS to report progress. A high-level IMS may fail to show related risk management approaches being used, which can result in long duration tasks and artificial linkages masking the true critical path.

It should be noted, however, the IMS is a scheduling tool for management control of program progression, not for cost collection purposes. An IMS would seek general consistency and a standardized approach to project planning, scheduling and analysis.

Di-mgmt-81650 pdf

Xi for these deliverables are covered in Data Item Descriptions DIDs that define the data content, format, and data usages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United 81560 Air Force. Retrieved 7 Aug Retrieved 19 Jan United States Department of Defense. Retrieved 17 Nov Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.