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decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Will be. National Plan of: DECRETO PRESIDENCIAL No. 44/ National DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. de. ; 27 Set. Telephone: Telex: NDC HQ. DECRETO LEY No. (). MODIFICATORIAS. – Ley No. DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. () “Ley General de Sociedades”. LEY No.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Burmester Andreu Working Team: Full Description of business and market intelligence 1. Objectives of market research 1. Identification of the target market 1. Methodology for market segmentation 1.

Pilot and market surveys 1. Processing and statistical analysis of the results with computer 216211 1. Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis 1. Demand projection primary data 1. Study of supply; qualitative and quantitative analysis 1.

Identification and analysis of competition 1. Substitute and complementary products 1. Factors influencing the price 1. Pricing and Fixation 1. Calculation of potential demand unmet recreto.

Projected market share of the project 1. Designing the supply chain and technical justification 1. Description of the elements of the supply chain itself or outsourcing project marketing 2. Proposed location of the business infrastructure 2. Identification of relevant factors of location 2.

Quantitative methodology for defining the location 2. Choosing a location 2. Chosen type of legal society and justification 3. Analysis of the Structure of Social Capital 3. Structural and functional organization chart 3. Human Resource Requirements 3. Business creation process in Peru or in foreign markets as appropriate to the project. Variables that determine the size of a project 4.

Size-Availability of resources 4.

internet-it – Use of corpora in translation studies

Size-Inputs and Resources 4. Size-Investment and Financing 5. Selection of the production process 5. Flowchart of the production process 6.

Tangible fixed investment 6. Assessment for the project credit lines 7. Sales and purchases budget 8. Decretl of projected cash flow 9. Preparation of projected Income statements 9. Starting Balance design and projected Evaluation tools, rates of return Identification of relevant variables to be sensitized We decided to bet for the project of Elaboration and Commercialization of snacks with a mix of dehydrated fruits to the economic sector A from the districts of Miraflores, San Isidro, La Molina, Surco y San Borja which belong to Metropolitan Lima.


Our product is to provide a healthy breakfast option and easy to be able to carry it everywhere by people with little time or a very hectic life, which does not allow them to prepare their own breakfast at home, being able leggislativo eat alone or accompanied with yogurtor milk and offering it in individual presentations.

Legielativo Market Peru Location: Male and Female Range of Age: Between years old Psychographic characteristics: People who have preferences for healthy dscreto. They are men and women who are aged from years old.

Our product is mainly focused on the socio-economic sector A, they have high incomes and as decdeto they present a great purchasing power. In the second step, we will determine the population by decrego from our chosen districts. It means people who is aged from years old and live in the districts of our target market.

Socioeconomic Level by Ages and Districts In the third step, we need to determine people who live in our chosen districts, who are aged from and belong to the economic sector A. We have found that people who belongs to the Economic Sector A is Own group Model of Pilot Survey Fecha: Places where the surveys were made: Real Plaza Legislatibo – San Borja.

Commercial Center Chacarilla — Surco.

decreto ley 21621 actualizado pdf printer

Molicentro – La Molina. Sunday October 7 th. Por favor, escoja 3 frutas. In the second place According to the second question, from 47 people, According to the second question, from 47 people who affirmed to consume dehydrated fruit, Presentation A of 50 g: Presentation B of g: We can notice that ,egislativo Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis In order to kwon the profitability of our product, with bases in the historical demand calculated with the P.

I and its projections; our group decide to use two ways to calculate the historical demand. For projecting the demand we must project first to the lasts months of in order to complete legislativp data of thein order to project this item we must analyze some data from the Central Bank of reserve that have project average of the P.

I; the average for is was 6. I to the is 5.

Knowing the seasonality we can analyze which months are the best to buy more or less quantity of fruits and if is good to storage them. The months in which this product is harvested are between are from September to March, being the most important month January. The varieties chosen were: Edward and Kent; these kinds of mangos are the most appropriated because have more pulp and less humidity.


September, October and November. November, December, January and February.

PROYECTO TERMINADO | Andrea del Rosario Flórez Peraltilla –

Huaral, Peru – Description: The months legislstivo which this product is harvested are between are from June toDecember. Valle del Chira, Piura – Description: This location was chosen because the fields are the most productive in Peru because the production is constantly during all the year. The variety chosen was: In this opportunity we chose three different competitors. Retail sells of alimentary products. Apples slides, mangoes slides and pineapples slides.

Between 3 and 6 months in hermetic package. The product is packaged in a plastic bag without color that allows seeing the content. I – Imported by: Cherries, raspberries, apples slides, mangoes slides and raisins. In the back of the package decretp printed the nutritional value according to the content; at the reverse of the package the costumer can see recommendations of how to consume the content.

As final information includes the steps to obtain the product, this characteristic measure the quality also the package is recyclable. Apples, pineapples, aguaymanto and papaya. Once the package is open. The product is packaged in a plastic bag with colors that allows seeing the content.

In the back of the package is printed the nutritional value according to the content, includes as well a list if benefits for consume the product. In the case of a complement for breakfast or meals we must chose a product which it main functions is to be a complement as cereals; in the other hand for the anytime snacks legsilativo must analyze products that could consumed at anytime time of the day and has the characteristic to be healthy food.

The consumers can find this product on supermarkets as Vivanda and Wong.