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Dans le labyrinthe. Front Cover. Alain Robbe-Grillet. Union Générale d’Ed., – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Dans le labyrinthe. Dans le labyrinthe has ratings and 39 reviews. Fatima said: این کتاب هیچ ربطی به فیلم ایرانی ماهی و گربه ندارد ولی سبک هردویشان با اینکه یکی فیلم. il se met A dessiner un labyrinthe: les H.L.M., les cites de luxe en beton arme, ou “‘As soon as a modern architect is given a project,” says Alain Robbe-Grillet.

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Outside it is snowing. Yet his work is ultimately characterised by its ability to mean many things to many different people[2].

Trivia About In the Labyrinth. Lists with This Book. All sleeping within one army barracks hospital room. Silent snowfall, even vocalizations, called speech, might not be auditory. Maybe” is what labyrintne attempted to utter when i was the motionless ARG character inside me. Taher Khorshidi rated it really liked it Sep 03, It will be easy for me because there are no people moving about the streets with the soldier.

One at a time with the soldier. Return to Book Page. It’s snowing and he has a sallow complexion with a certain amount of days’ beard growth. View all 4 comments. Robbe-Grillet uses the same technique here as in Jealousy.

But he doesn’t explain everything, and I want to read it again to try and piece together all the seemingly incompatible parts he left us with.

I stopped summarizing some time ago. He was trained as an agricultural engineer. On the wall is a picture of a bar scene.

ROBBE-GRILLET : Dans le labyrinthe – Signed book, First edition –

Fitting the pieces of narrative and description together within me, as i encountered them, satisfied me. When it finally pulls back to a medium shot, the laybrinthe realizes with a shock that the entire scene has shifted.


This is the same child that once led him to the tavern. This is greatly to be enjoyed. No one hears a thing. A man with a fur-lined coat and an umbrella. So rather than giving a strict narrative, the reader has to infer one from these descriptions, which is a bit easier than robbe-yrillet sounds, but still requires very active reading.

Some unforgettable scenes people behind a curtain in a high window and haunting portrayal of robb-grillet, suspicion, and perpetual search for identity, selfness, and the truth as it is. He jumpcuts from nexus to nexus within a city with plenty of buildings but without landmarks. Events are told and things are described.

Ironically, this method resembles the experience of psychoanalysis in which the deeper unconscious meanings are contained in the flow and disruptions of free associations. Open Preview See a Problem? Though Robbe-Grillet ain’t evil for having an alien mind or a concept of The Novel that challenges mine, if there’s a war to determine the fate of The Novel, i wouldn’t be able to knowingly kill him and i wouldn’t want to fight beside him in the trenches either.

Jessica rated it really liked it Jan 02, The powerful sense of defamiliarization that Robbe-Grillet’s novel achieves, labbyrinthe ability to make the common seem suddenly strange and alien, is one which dane be usefully re-conceived in robbe-griloet of an electronic hypertext.

I know that nothing within the three intro essays felt applicable to my reading experience. Books by Alain Robbe-Grillet. Elliot rated it really liked it Mar 16, Bruno rated it really liked it Mar 25, On the tabletop the wine glass has left circular impressions in the dust.


Dans le labyrinthe

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Or is this a snapshot from the past, a fragment of memory? Dans le labyrinthe by Alain Robbe-Grillet. A simplistic plot less summary. You wander down the same streets, pass the same houses, in search of a meeting spot you cannot remember the name of for a purpose you can no longer recall.

He died in Caen after succumbing to heart problems Style His writing style has been described as “realist” or “phenomenological” in the Heideggerian sense or “a theory of pure surface. A soldier trudges through the streets of an unfamiliar city, carrying a mysterious package on a journey to a street he can’t remember.

The main marker of any timeline indicated here is in the symbol of the soldier’s facial hair growth – a very clever trope. In a stretchy synaptic tingling kind of way. Timelines and plots are fractured and the resulting novel resembles the literary equivalent of a cubist painting. Wounded, suffering from exhaustion, prey to an ever-worsening fever, and aware that the enemy is about to enter the city, the soldier must find his way among the maze-like streets to deliver a package whose contents he does not know.

In the Labyrinth

This is a marvelous romp between an author and his many attempts to create a narrative before finally abandoning the attempt. So why did i care enough to read the whole book?

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