April 30, 2020

Well – these have the dreaded Dallas DS “all in one” Real Time Clock (RTC) chip with integrated Xtal and battery. Now the battery is dead, configuration is. FEATURES. ▫ Drop–in replacement for IBM AT computer clock/calendar. ▫ Pin compatible with the MCB and. DSA. ▫ Totally nonvolatile with over Dallas DS, DS and Compatibles – External Battery Rework Advice. The following is some extra information that you might find useful if you plan to.

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Curiosity killed that cat.

Dallas DS1287 DIP Real Time Clock 3pcs

Then the battery and xtal are placed atop of the chip, connected to the pins and everything is covered with a pretty rigid protective compound.

Here Best Regards Emmanuel. Ds1278 other computers from the 90s used them as well. It won’t do you any good to “charge” the depleted button cell. Soldered and used a CR battery with holder on top of the William Walsh did the DS-Rework to get an external battery to it as well. I used a medium sized flat file Care eallas the polarity!

Most likely you won’t get a wire soldered properly to it. This worked very well and allowed me to put the batteries in a location where they’d be easier to change.


Their lifetime is also quite long. Ordinarily, there’s a lot to like about the Dallas clock modules.

That usually ends the experiment before you’ve even arrived at the part where the module is exposed to the blistering heat of your soldering iron. The 0V-reading tells you that you successfully disconnected the ds187.

After the dust cleared This picture shows the second module I reworked in a Model In most machines this problem is easily rectified, simply requiring an over-the-counter 3 to 6v battery replacement on the motherboard. Throughout their lifetime, they do keep good time.

I replaced my RTC chip in my Compaq Deskpro s with one of these sold by ericchungelectronic and it works perfectly. In the event of a battery failure, the holder can be placed away from the sensitive planar ss1287 other circuitry.

This was quicker, although it made more of a mess and the module didn’t solder as nicely as the first.

Fixing a Flat Dallas DS Real Time Clock Chip

I don’t know about the DS, but with most clock chips the battery isn’t connected until the first time you power up the chip, so even sitting on a shelf for 10 years should have minimal effect on the battery life.

Don’t ever solder directly on a coin-style Li-Cell. The usual reason for these errors is a flat CMOS battery. If you have a multimeter test the voltage on pins 16 and 20 before and after. Possible Results Reworked chip inside a Mod.


There are lots of old threads ds287 on DS replacement. A couple weeks ago when I finally got around to hooking it up I discovered that the RTC chip was dead.

Unless of course you’re like me and have more bad luck than you should when things come down to the wire. It won’t do it no good and may result in early death of that part due to excessive internal heating.

Dallas DS, DS and Friends – Rework Advice

It isn’t a soldering job to be proud of and it’s not too pretty but the connections are quite secure. A really new, fresh and unused chip is hard to get. Modules that are well over the stated lifetime of ten years may continue to keep time for another five years or so. I appreciate it greatly. Not sure how long these will last, but I have 3 now so if the batteries do die in them again, they can be modified.