DA PAM 750-30 PDF

DA PAM 750-30 PDF


April 30, 2020

DA Pam dated 1 July (supersedes DA Pam , dated 28 June in case you were wondering) is titled “The M16A1. : The M16A1 Rifle Operation And Preventative Maintenance DA Pam Original field manual illustrated by Will Eisner in comic form. SUMMARY of CHANGE. DA PAM –3. Soldiers’ Guide for Field Maintenance Operations. This major revision, dated 18 September

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Full text of “DA Pam “

If water stays in the lower receiver, it’ll foul up the working parts. A rifle could explode if you fired it with the cam pin missing. Numbah 10 Thou’ in a combat situationl So, when you get your baby stripped for cleaning, like it says in para in TM with Ch 1, take an extra 5 seconds to get pa the port hole down there in the front end of the gas tube.

Now, remember, gtt these steps down pat. Don’t — like Never! Wrap a piece oT clean ciotn or cleaning 570-30 around the brush handle and poke it into the hard-to-get-at places. Run it all the way through the flash suppressor before you start to pull back If a cartridge or case Is ejected, release the charg- ing handle to feed a new round.

Then dry the areas ppam good. Too much lube speeds carbon buildup in the chamber and bolt locking recess.

A cleaning job like this will get rid of all the carbon and dirt that might keep your weapon from shooting right. Of course, if the lower receiver ever gets so fouled up that the rifle won’t fire right, then you let support have 75-30 whack at it. The front end of the gas tube is self-cleaning, thanks to the hot gases and high pressure from the barrel. The carrier dx bends pretty easy — and then won’t line up inside the weapon.


The others get 2 located just to the right of the driver. Even the cleaning tools are the same.

DA PAM – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet | IBOV

Never load dented or dirty ammo. Don’t worry about any discoloration you find there, though.

Just wiggle the spring into the mag as far as it’ll go. Parts replace- ment and extra- tough cleaning jobs are 750-3 direct or general support only.

If your M16A1 rifle refuses to pop off — or quits popping sudden-like — you’ve got a stoppage that needs im- mediate action. For cleaning the 570-30 mag — Either dunk it in rifle bore cleaner and shake it good while submerged OR — scrub the inside with a brush soaked with cleaner OR — Use a rag soaked in bore cleaner.

Replace it if you find it damaged.

But, on all other trucks, you install a pair of brackets right up front, The Misi pak one to the left of the driver and the other to the right of the passenger. Make sure the printing on the floor plate is on the outside.

DA Pam 750-30

Join the upper and O lower receivers. The bag’s apt to collect condensation if it’s wet or tiumjd, so, check your bagged magazine daily. This bag, y’know, won’t excuse you from regular PM chores. 7500-30 it won’t go all the way without a struggle, you’ve got some more cleaning to do.


Brackish water — that’s another story. When you’re oil through — and the lower receiver’s dry — put a generous coat of LSA 750–30 9 on all of the insides of the tower receiver and on all of the parts.

DA PAM 750-30 – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet

Don’t sweat it, though. Gean ’em after every doy’s firing if you can. Separate the upper and lower receivers. You only use these new plastic protective caps FSN when you’re in action. It does a better lubing job on working parts, espe- cially in a muggy-wet climate like Vietnam’s If you do, here’s what to look for: Be sure to clean carbon and dirt from those barrel locking lugs.

In fact, with a rubber band closing — not to mention rips and tears — the bag’s not guaranteed watertight, so-oo-o. Slide the plate in this way, then press the spring down with your thumb. Get ’em and use’ em!

The one you save just might save you some day.