May 12, 2020

by: Belizario Quispe, Nestor Published: (); Caracterización de tecnologías del cultivo de quinua (chenopodium quinoa willd.) Orgánica en la asociación de . Cobertura de Kudzu en plantaciones de palma – siembra y desarrollo. []. Villanueva Guerrero A. Guerra J.M.. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Ensaio de con sorel acHo de Kudzu tropical (Pueraria phaseoloides) em pastagens. Instituto de ( LOPEZ, A. Uso y cultivo del pasto gordura. Temas de.

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El fotoperiodo es menor de 11 horas en diciembre y superior a 13 horas en julio. Results showed that legume cultivation under the shading conditions imposed in this study intense compromised effectively the production of these forages. Intercropping and its effects on a corn crop and weeds were evaluated from December to October Services on Demand Journal.

Conectivas lógicas

Forage mass yield was determined by the square method 1 m 2with 5 samples being randomly extracted from each of the experimental seedbeds. In addition to the amount of light hitting the SPS understory being reduced, the quality of luminosity that reaches the pasture of these systems suffers changes. The sowing procedures had a significant effect on the numbers of plants at 32 and judzu days after kudzu sowing DAS K and kuudzu the kudzu shoot dry matter yield at 86 DAS K Table 3.

This response must relate to a difference between water demands of the studied vegetables. The result of that reflects directly on the lower amount of light that hits the understory of agroforestry systems during this period of the year.

Conclusion The intercropping of corn with kudzu sown either in cultio or by broadcasting has no negative effect on corn plant performance. Kudzu, a member of the Fabaceae family, is a perennial plant that originated from Asia. In this case, even when working kudzy legumes, which have lower light compensation point for photosynthesis compared to tropical forage grasses, the recommendation for spatial arrangements should be more than 12 meters between tree rows.

Intercropping corn and kudzu in a rotation system with soybean

Although allelopathic effects have not been assessed in this study, the hypothesis described by Andrade et al. However, the degree of weed infestation DAS K was significantly influenced by the sowing kuzu Figure 3.


Dactylis glomerata growing along a light gradient in the central Appalachian region of the eastern USA: Cultivo de leguminosas forrageiras tropicais em sistema silvipastoril e a pleno sol.

Facultad de Ciencias Forestales. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of sowing methods and the amount of kudzu seeds in corn intercropping on maize development, kudzu biomass and weed infestation, and the development and production of the soybean crop in rotation.

Nonstructural carbohydrates and nutritive value. After the drying time, the samples were weighed so as to obtain their partial dry matter content. These results combined with data referring to the CP Campo Grande Stylosanthes macrocephala x Stylozanthes capitataPueraria Phaseoloides e Macrotyloma axillare – in two cropping systems: Kudzu has thin, flexible, and hairy stems that are easily rooted when touching the soil Seprotec, Tropical kudzu showed higher value 0.

The area located in each plot from which the data were collected was formed by two 6-m-long lines, totaling This response evidenced greater participation of leaves in the dry mass of the forage produced, which probably can have a direct influence on the bromatological composition of tropical kudzu compared to other species.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 10 p. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia37 Suplemento Especial Three weeks after the implantation of the legumes in the two cropping systems, the seedbeds that showed some sort of flaw were replanted.

It is worth reporting that this effect is greater as kudu spatial arrangement of trees becomes denser. At 32 and 86 DAS Kthere was greater number of kudzu plants on the furrows of the sowing kudzj consequently, at 86 DAS Kthe plants of this treatment accumulated more shoot dry matter. The macrotiloma showed higher PMSL 5.

Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira, Colombo60 The further evaluated characteristics of the corn plant height, shoot dry matter, plant population and number of ears per plant and per plot were not affected by the isolated factors. The planting of the cltivo in the full sun area had the same orientation as that of seedbeds planted in the SPS understory eastbound. Increment in CP values in vegetables cultivated under intense shading conditions has been reported in the literature Andrade et al.


Kudzu seeds were sown simultaneously with the fertilizer application according to the procedures and rates specified in this study. Intercropping corn and kudzu in a rotation system with soybean.

The soils of both cropping systems culivo prepared through the conventional method plowing and harrowing 30 days cuktivo planting. Colombo,bloco 40 CEP Tel. Pastures are the main food for livestock in Brazil, with satisfactory constitution in nutrients, especially during rainy season, and lower cost when compared to other foods used for animal production.

For plant height, the best fitting was verified to be the polynomial, with the lowest mean resulting from the use of kudzu sown at a rate of points of cultural value. Fifteen days prior to and the day of soybean sowing, the weeds and fodder plants of the experimental area were desiccated using 1.

The silvopastoral system SPS was implanted before this study was conducted ; eucalyptus stands Eucaliptus urograndis I were set eastbound, with 12 meters between rows and 2 meters between trees 12 x 2 m. In the week preceding the planting of the legumes, the trees were pruned to the height of 2. Merrand crotalaria Crotalaria spectabilisRothobserved no significant effect on corn yield in the first year, but in the second year, the corn yield was significantly higher when the intercropping had been with jack bean.

In this way, it is reported that the values obtained in the present study for legume production are a cultigo higher than those reported in the literature for dry period with no irrigation. Forage legumes are a promising alternative to increment farming production for having good vegetal cover, contributing to incorporate atmospheric nitrogen into the soil and being an important nutritional source to animals, with high protein and mineral levels, besides satisfactory dietary fiber digestibility compared to tropical grasses Barcellos et kuvzu.