August 7, 2020

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My heart goes out to the bulls who give their lives for the enjoyment of humans. These animals have no choice.

I don’t feel sorry for those injured and, sometimes car,ela, during this event. More power to the bulls. I’ve got to say, as old and as controversial as this tradition is, I’d love to be in attendance before it is deemed too politically incorrect to even fathom of the ojo of this event from occurring again. Anyone stupid enough to run in front of pissed off bulls deserves to get camela.

Maybe its just me, but i wish more idiots got killed or hurt as a result of this. Every time one of these idiots dies the world gets a little more rational. What comes around goes around I guess you could say. Torture something and you deserve the same in return, bull, human, whatever Beautifully horrific and barbaric photos.

Traditions gus made to be broken, it’s It’s the worst place on earth. The Big Picture didn’t focus enough on the disgusting condition the city is in thanks to half a million people being in a city with restaurant, housing, and bathroom capacity for about tue, Something tells me that this sport is a bit antiquated I think the whole thing is terrible.

I’d love to see everyone of those people gored to death and the bulls run free into the countryside. These events epitomize the human race’s pathetic need to claim dominance over all in the world. I am ashamed to be a human.

There are obvious arguments against bullfighting. But there are some arguments for it before the self-righteous, hypocritical masses start chiming in.

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These bulls live an incredible life far better than the typical cow raised for beef. They don’t even see an unmounted human until the day of the corrida. Yes, the death is probably worse, but if I had to die and come back as a bull, I’d prefer to be a fighting bull than a cida being raised tua slaughter.

Number 27 is one tough looking hombre, even in his bull fighting rig. This may be an old and controversial event, but I support the right of the bulls to mess some people up.

You never know, maybe the bulls spend years dreaming of this chance to stomp on some humans, drunk or other wise. Then again, maybe not.

Cuida Tus Ojos : Carmela Paris :

I am sorry, but I do not agree. The bulls bred for this traditional celebrations live a better life than the poor cows attached to a milking machine. These bulls eat the best food, they are thoroughly trained, they cafmela incredibly healthy and live in amazingly good conditions. Then when they are ready, they fight for their lives and have a glorious death.


And if they are too good and face a consumated bullfighter they might even receive cuiida pardon, and survive to procreate and preserve the best of their species. Without bullfighting they would have been extinct. Besides they are bred in open spaces which are protected, and so with their sacrifice they help another endangered species, like the spanish imperial eagle, to survive.

I do not like their suffering but at least they are not aseptically, and anonymously electrocuted. They fight with paeis and they are beatiful until the end. I hope you americans don’t think that we Spanish people like this things.

Most of us don’t. It is as horrifying for us as for you. For something to be called a sport, both sides should know they’re playing. Heard this quote somewhere. The people involved in this are cowards. They control every aspect of the “fight” and then act like heros when they slaughter the helpless bulls.

Vuida the bulls cuid in to the ring, they’ve already been wounded while they’re trapped so they fight in a weakened state. This is a primitive, horrible, barbaric tradition that these people tu be ashamed of.

Once again the pictures are incredible. It would be interesting to see the cultural and social meanings behind these different celebratory events.

Though I am not for the intentional maiming of an animal for sport, the comments on here wishing injury or death to humans is indicative of a trend in mental illness.

In the US we slaughtered unceremoniously It is because we are human and they are food. They bleed from their noses and mouths in slaughterhouses too. We just don’t post them on boston. Don’t wish death on your fellow human beings folks. This stuff happens ten million times a day in meatpacking plants around the world. At least the bulls take a few morons with them occasionally. Totally agree with you. I would never pay for seeing a bullfight or go to Pamplona for San Fermin and I don’t like seeing animals being abused for the amusement of people, but I would any day choose the life and death of a fighting bull than that of the caged animals being prepared to be slaughtered to be served in a Big Mac or as a piece of fried chicken.

I’m generally very PC, but this stuff is just psychotic. Tambien I have to say that no English and I wrote this from an internet translator. Now I want to answer some previous comments. In Spain the tradition and the cult of the bull is thousands of years ago, this animals “tortured” into a battle of equals with men, only defends the bullfighter with a cloth and a sword, when you kill the bull.

I’m not very fond of runs but I can not see how we are told torturers of animals. Spain is much more, I guess that since a country that is so young we can not understand, but should be respected. How much you want to bet that a large number of the people who feel bad for these bulls eat beef from cows who grow up in far worse conditions and eat far worse food.


The only difference is that meat cows are slaughtered in a faster method than these bulls, but I would prefer a good life with a painful death than a terrible life with a quick death.

Heck, I bet these same people buy clothes from companies who employ workers in terrible conditions with no hope for moving up in life or earning enough to properly feed or educate their children.

I know I do, but at least I admit it. San Fermines is a big fair and there are activities 24h a day during 9 days. Each day, the running of the bulls lasts around 3 minutes. The “corrida” or bull fighting last usually around 2 hours. But the photos focus only about this. They cida about tradition and show only a fraction of what San Fermin is, and the worst part imho. Know body dies in Baseball, yet Americans are supposed to be bloodthirsty?

Cruelty is no tradition. Killing is no tradition. Unless u urgently need psychological treatment. At least they don’t cut their heads off in the ring. That would make humans look like barbarians. Careful with the use of absolutes Yes people have died in baseball, see: Traditional bullfights consist of 3 stages. Before the matador does his show in stage 3, in stage 1 two picadores horse mounted men enter arena and stab the bull in it’s shoulders, than in stage 2 another 3 guys try to further weaken bull’s neck and shoulder muscles by barbed sticks.

Reason behind this is simple – because it’s neck and shoulder muscles are weakened, bull is forced to keep it’s head low, making it easier for the matador. So much about a fair fight. Also worth mentioning pariw the actual goal of the matador. In the stage 3, matador is supposed tp stab the bull between it’s shoulders, piercing it’s heart of aorta, giving the bull a quick death.

Unfortunetly matadors ussualy fail to achieve that, piercing bull’s loungs instead, causing the bleeding from bull’s mouth and nose. Because of the blood loss, bull eventualy falls on it’s knees. Puntillero is than allowed to pierce bull’s spinal cord with a dagger, finishing it’s agony.

The danger, the controversy, the tradition I think it’s great. Limit it to once a year and let people scoff at it. Search for “kocher slaughter” or “cow slaughter” in youtube you’ll see that the typical meat eater has little, caremla any, moral high ground on the festival of san fermin. Day in day out animals are led to a cowardly slaughter for your table. Those animals carmella no pride, no life, they’re treated like vegetables for you. These bulls are bred tuz fighting. They are proud and live great lives.

They fight in the ring and die with some vestige of pride and courage.