May 3, 2020

Variants. R Crotale. HQ-7 (Chinese Variant). R SICA (Shahine). Crotale NG. Crotale Mk Role and Mobility, Short-Range Air and. Crotale NG (New Generation). It appeared in It is a much redesigned version of the basic Crotale. Missiles have a range of 11 km, maximum speed of. Series Model Variants • Crotale R – Base Variant • Crotale NG – Next Generation upgraded version • Crotale – Modernized Crotale launcher system.

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Crotale NG/GR | Hellenic Air Force

Thales Group Samsung Group. Missile has been improved.

Following Finland and France it quickly received a vote of confidence when other countries including Greece, Oman, and Rcotale Korea adopted the system. It entered service in It can reach targets at an altitude of 5. A standard missile is 3 m long and weights Issues of Development and Integration”. Detection range is It also has improved radar that has detection range of 18 km.

Princeton University Press — via Google Books. It carries 4 missiles and is fitted with engagement radar.

Ya Zahra air defense system. The radar surveillance vehicle can be connected to several launcher vehicles, in order to achieve an effective air-defence system. How has the Crotale air defence missile system maintained its invincible reputation even after thirty years of ever changing incoming threats?

Crotale: How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge

It also has an optical aiming system. The firing system includes the main sensors of the ship, the firing system of the turretand crotalr central coordination system. Other marks have included the HQ-7 Chinese reverse-engineered model then copied by the Iranians. For instance the French Navy La Fayette class frigates have a Critale 8-tubed launcher near the helicopter flight deck. These are supported by a host of maintenance and support vehicles.


Shahab Tagheb, an Iranian short-range air defense missile system. Four NG units can be networked to act in unison, providing a steady shield against incoming air attacks and cruise missiles.

Fire control utilizes multiple sensors with passive optics and radar working alongside electronic countermeasure systems. Retrieved 27 June Can’t find what you’re looking for? Archived from the original PDF on 17 October It is a modernization of the French Crotale systems.

Also missiles are more maneuverable.

This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat It takes 2 minutes to reload all four missiles. The turret system is adaptable to a variety of chassis types. Crotale NG entered production in Priorities for Missile Defense Development and U. It can engage helicopters, aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and anti-radiation missiles. Shahine, version developed for Saudi Arabia. Missile Defense Sensors System Brief 3: Development was mostly funded by South Africa, and partially by the French government.

This system incorporates an optical tracker. It can reach its maximum speed of Mach 2.

However the Shahine is based on AMX tank chassis and has improved mobility and much better armor protection. Four Crotale missile defense systems can be networked to cooperate in unison, providing an effective “Friend-Or-Foe” net against inbound aerial threats including cruise missiles.


Its main role was to provide fully mobile air defense for mechanized armored units.

Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance » Crotale Next Generation (NG)

It was developed as a point defense system, rather than operate alongside land force maneuver elements. A Chinese reverse engineered version of the Crotale. Dodgen Admiral Wayne E. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Crotale has been produced in a number of variants. Faced with increasing and multifaceted threats, Crotale NG will continue to contribute to a stronger and more secure Europe. The French Air Force, Finnish Army and French Navy are just some of the users of this multi-dimensional system which began its design phase in and entered production in Research Initiated Recent News.

The Crotale is a point defense system, designed to protect high value targets, such as airfields, military bases, ammunition depots, and so on. Archived from the original on 27 July HQ-7Chinese reverse engineered copy. There is also a towed version, for air defense of fixed sites. Aircraft of the French Air Force.