June 23, 2020

CPESC application process. Application approval Exam Review – September 14, – AM to PM The Study Guide and Handouts are included. The course will review material contained in the CPESC examination. Any individual may attend the course. Approval by CPESC, Inc. is. Certification programs and examination questions are based on applicable federal Already a CPESC-IT: Part II only (3hrs) Applicants are encouraged to take part in our Review Course, review course materials, study guide and scope of.

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I took the review course in Ohio last year – that’s all that’s required by law at the ugide here. Full certification to be required in a few years.

Out of curiousity – what kind of work will be requiring the full certification? Is it certification where professional engineering certification does not cover the requirement? I can’t recall the date when things switch from requiring just the class to the full certification, but I want to say it is This is for the state DOT.

I reside and work in Pennsylvania – can anyone confirm? I took the exam last month. It was tough and I just found out I passed it. There were several topics on there I have never dealt with. The review course is a joke.

You absolutely MUST have the review manual to study though. I really didn’t study as intently as I should have I think it is a reasonable, and passable exam.

Kudos to all of you who passed it. Not having experience in some of the topic areas really sunk me. I will take the exam again I plan to pass. I suggest getting the manual early I took the exam last month and it demolished me as well. I was still able to pass it got a 78 by the grace of god, don’t ask me how. Yes, the test is difficult and in my opinion, the calculation for pure seed mix and fertilizer were ridiculous. Some of the erosion questions were insane.

I did study my ass off and like you, encountered topic I wasn’t totally familiar with. If you had one of those, then that part had to be stamped but the rest was still good by you.

Exam Information

I’ve certified probably near a hundred of them there. Kind of why I was wondering what the big deal was.

But it doesn’t look like those certifications grant you anything you can’t already do as a PE so I never bothered. I’d like to sit in on a review class sometime or get the books though, the material sounds worthwhile.

I’ve been writing SWPPP’s since I was 2 months out of college and I have passed every audit and when I asked to get permission to take the test, the representative said “I think you’d probably have some trouble with the math sections.

We’re engineers, we can handle a little multiplication. They aren’t asking us 3rd-order derivatives. I was only going to get the certification as a notch on the belt and from what I’ve seen here in Texas, not only does it not matter, but most people don’t even know what it is.

A condition of the special permit is that the applicant must submit a Site Plan, prepared by a Prof. I thought that once I obtained an education, took the EIT, worked for several years, busted my but to pass the PE that I had finally obtained the stature of a Professional and that my credibility and ability to provide a suitable ESC plan wouldnt be questioned!

Of course, I will now have to travel to RI or PA or NY in the next few months to spend two days training, or in my case “re-training” and getting privately “re-certified”, by a company that I, and apparently few others, know very little about. So thats 2 days of lost wages, travel, meals, hotel expense, and of course the cost of the course and exam, and annual renewal, to have someone tell me what I already know.

Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC) Review Course

BUT I get a piece of paper to prove it, and the honor and priviledge of charging no more for my services than I already do. But wait, here we go down the slippery slope of Local government officials most often lay persons, aggreived by a recent development of revview woods in their back yardusing their new found position and “powers” to stroke thier egos, and promulgate regulations that are not always based on sound reasoning and logical principles. Oh, and just to add salt to the wound, since their have been only 33 – yeah thats right 33 CPESC’s obtained gulde my whole state.


Im afraid that if this catches on with the other town’s in my area, I may be out of business, in an already dismal economy. Rfview to add another kick in the groin when your already down for the count, the consulting engineer’s firm for the planning board, has three of the CPESC’s in his office. Another thing that worries me is that this is a “Private” company, Which apparently has only been around since and according to their profile on www.

How did this company gain credibility to issue these certifications has anyone asked or does anyone really know the history of the company?

Does anyone know if this certification has been sanctioned or recognized by ANY state or federal agency, dept, etc. What is next a “Private” certification for design of retaining walls, drainage, surveying, you name it. Where will it stop. I’m hoping it will catch on and in a few years everyone will want to be certified by me, if it does I might branch out into other fields of certification as well, say Doctors and Lawyers.

My opinion, as if its not obvious, take the course for CEU credit, or for training just so you can gudie abreast of the latest in science and tech. As far as additional certifications beyond the PE sxam, I believe that it is appropriate in some instances. In the case of erosion and sediment control, neither the Civil or the Environmental PE exam covers this topic, at all. As a state regulator, I constantly have to deal with plans from PE’s that show an almost complete lack of understanding of the principles, even though we have a free design manual that they could consult prior to working up their designs.

This requires more time and more tax-payer money for me to review the plans and step them through learning the ropes, which often gets further delayed when said PE’s get indignant and self righteous about being a PE already and how dare I quesiton them when the state has already sanctioned their knowledge and blah blah.

States and local governments can choose a number of ways to improve the situation. At the most non-invasive, they can offer education free on-line manuals, training courses, etc. Or the states can require such training, as a pre-requisite for cerifying plans. After offering voluntary learning for over 10 years now and getting virtually no results, I am of the opinion that most engineers will not take the time to learn this non-PE stuff on their own, unless they are forced to.

And unfortunatley, many small permitting authorities just don’t have the expertise on-hand to contantly have to train the local engineers on-the-job. And quite frankly, some of the worst-performing ESC systems I have seen implemented have been designed by engineers who “have been desiging sites for over 20 years, Dleg, I don’t think I need any training on gkide to design my site”.

If your locale is one where water quality can affect the bottom line i. Now, whether it is a state-specific certification, or some standardized, privately run-certificaiton that you can carry with you to other states, well, it remains to be seen which method is better.

As I have said, we run our own certification program for our state. But it can’t be taken with you when you move somewhere else. I hope someone with more experience will read this and maybe answer my quesion, but I was under the impression that LIA’s could not require more strict standards then what is outlined in the NPDES permits cepsc begin with, and in our permits, plan reviews are outlined and included.


I know things slightly differ from state to state but I am confused about etudy Also, Dleg- I agree with additional certification required The way environmental laws work is that the state can always go more stringent than the feds, and local can always go more stringent than the state.

Teview it can never work the other way – you can never go less stringent than the laws “above” you. But “more stringent” is always allowable, if that’s what you local rule makers decide they want The only thing to be careful of is if they clearly go beyond the authorizing legislation’s intent.

IECA Canada | CPESC Exam

But most environmental legislation is pretty broad. True, another certification is no guarantee of good performance. It’s more useful to make sure that the engineers actually learn these things that otherwise they wouldn’t not in PE exam, most likely not in school, either and then, for the plan reviewers, to serve as the “no excuses” clause when they do screw up. As in “hey, you got the certificaiton, you should have known this. The Level II Certification for a Plan Preparer is pretty weak and really does not prove a designer’s expertise in erosion and sediment control.

I do think the point of the organization is for lobbying of stiffer environmental rules concerning erosion and sediment. I did not attend the review class but studied the manual. If you are a practicing ESC designer, then a lot of it will be repetitive. However, remember the review manual and test were developed by environmentalist so you have to skew your thinking in that manner to understand some of the questions and desired solutions.

I have been on the CPESC website, and can not find any information on the exam type, frequency, where it is offerred, etc. Is this one of those exams they give at one of those testing “centers”, where make an appointment and just show up? It’s been a long time since I looked, but I think you can arrange to take the test pretty much any time you are able to get one of their many certified test-givers to agree to.

Just keep digging and you’ll find it. But note that I have not checked into this in a long time, and I have never taken the exam myself though my office sent two staff to one of the workshops, only to discover they didn’t possess the right qualifications to sit for the exam. I am tempted to take the exam and get the certification. I know one engineer who has that certification, and his ESC plans now are awesome. Seeing how the Civil and Env. I am also working on new stormwater regulations that include a certification program for designers and contractors, but the CPESC might be a good thing to incorporate to ensure better ESC plans – our new regs and manuals are mostly focused on post-construction stormwater design.

If someone has legitimate experience preparing plans I thought the exam was difficult, but I actually did well on it I’ve been preparing plans for 12 or 13 goodness If you understand these, you should pass part 2. There were 6 problems of which you have to choose 3: Each problem had 12 questions to answer. Small Commercial and Residential were very similar problems but with different acreages and a different CN, but if you got one right, then you would get the other one right also.

Agriculture was a little different, but not too tricky. I stayed away from Mining, Forestry and Linear. They really didn’t try to trick you with the questions but some of them were worded in unfamiliar ways and could be misinterpreted.

All in all, the 2nd part was not too bad.