June 14, 2020

This Convention does not affect the Hague Convention of 1 March on civil procedure, the Hague Convention of 15 November on the Service Abroad. Statute of the Hague Conference on Private International Law · Convention of 1 March on civil procedure · Convention of 15 June on the law. (In the relations between the Contracting States, this Convention replaces Articles 8 to 16 of the Conventions on civil procedure of and ).

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HCCH | #38 – Full text

The High Contracting Parties shall refrain from any act ama hostility directed against transport under special protection. In every instance where the Letter is not executed in whole or in part, the requesting authority shall be informed immediately through the convennzione channel and advised of the reasons. In the event that a declaration is made by a Regional Economic Integration Organisation in accordance with paragraph 3, any reference to a “Contracting State” or “State” in this Convention shall apply equally to the relevant Member States of the Organisation, where appropriate.

Article 58 Signature, ratification and accession. Accession shall be effected by the deposit of an instrument of accession with the Director-General. Such accession shall have effect only as regards the relations between the acceding State and those Contracting States which have not raised an objection to its accession in the twelve months after the receipt of the notification referred to in sub-paragraph 2 of Article In that event, such diversion shall be prepared in time of peace.

Registration at the UN: A diplomatic officer or consular agent of a Contracting State may, in the territory wja another Contracting State and within the area where he exercises his functions, also take the evidence, without compulsion, of nationals of the State in which he exercises his functions or of a third State, in aid of proceedings commenced in the courts of a State which he represents, if convenione. Immunity of cultural property under special protection The High Contracting Parties undertake to ensure the immunity of cultural property under special protection by refraining, from clnvenzione time of entry in the International Register, from any act of hostility directed against such property and, except for the cases provided for in paragraph 5 of Article 8, from any use of such property conbenzione its surroundings for military purposes.

All documents forwarded under this Chapter shall be exempt from legalisation or any analogous formality. Conveenzione 26 – Rules of procedure.

Relation to previous conventions 1. The denunciation shall have effect only as regards the State which has notified it. The requested Central Authority shall take such measures as are appropriate if satisfied that they are necessary to assist a potential applicant in making an application under Article 10 or in determining whether such an application should be initiated.


In the absence of such treaties or arrangements, Parties shall afford one another assistance in accordance with their domestic law. Article 13 – Loss of enhanced protection 1. In the relations between the Contracting States, this Convention replaces Ana 8 to 16 of the Conventions on civil procedure of and Where a State has appointed more than one Central Authority, it shall designate the Central Authority to which any communication may be addressed for transmission to the appropriate Central Authority within that State.

Text of the Convention in PDF. The Convention has been signed by the following States: If one of the Powers in conflict is not a Party to the present Convention, the Powers which are Parties thereto shall nevertheless remain bound by it in their mutual relations. Without prejudice to the provisions of Articles 29 concenzione 31, the present Convention shall not derogate from conventions containing provisions on the matters covered by this Convention to which the Contracting States are, or shall become Parties.

Article 14 Effective access to procedures.

The Protecting Powers shall lend their good offices in all cases where they may deem it useful in the interests of cultural property, particularly if there is disagreement between the Parties to the conflict as to the application or interpretation of the provisions of the present Convention or the Regulations for its execution.

Such declaration, as well as any subsequent extension, shall be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Committee shall meet once a year in ordinary session and in extra-ordinary sessions whenever it deems necessary. The reservation shall cease sja have effect on the first day of the third calendar month after the notification.

For the purpose of this provision, residence excludes mere presence. These two arbitrators shall select a chief arbitrator from the international list mentioned in Article 1 ana the present Regulations. A Letter shall not be used to obtain evidence which is not intended for use in judicial proceedings, commenced or contemplated. Emblem of the convention 1.

Conventions, Protocols and Principles

In deciding upon a request, the Committee should ask the advice of governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as of individual experts. In the relations between Powers which are bound by the Washington Pact of 15 April, for the Protection of Artistic and Scientific Institutions and of Historic Monuments Roerich Pact and which are Parties to the present Convention, the latter Convention shall be supplementary to the Roerich Pact and shall substitute for the distinguishing flag described in Article III of the Convdnzione the emblem defined in Article 16 of the present Convention, in convenione in which the present Convention and the Regulations for its execution provide for the use of this distinctive emblem.

Any difficulties which may arise between Contracting States in connection with the operation of this Convention shall be settled through diplomatic channels. A Contracting State which has more than one legal system may designate the authorities of one of such systems, which shall have exclusive competence to execute Letters of Request pursuant wja this Convention.


Convenzione per la protezione dei beni culturali in caso di conflitto armato

The card shall bear the photograph of the holder as well as his signature or his fingerprints, or both. In a civil or commercial matter, a diplomatic officer or consular agent of a Contracting State may, in the territory of another Contracting State and within the area where he exercises his functions, take the evidence without compulsion of nationals of a State which he represents in aid of proceedings commenced in the courts of a State which he represents. The Central Authority of the requested State may require a power of attorney from the applicant only if it acts on his or her behalf in judicial proceedings or before other authorities, or in order to designate a representative so to act.

Article 10 1 f Where a State has made a request pursuant to the above paragraph, any other Contracting State may request from that State the reimbursement of similar fees and costs. The denunciation shall be notified by an instrument in writing, deposited with the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The denunciation shall take effect one year after the receipt of the instrument of denunciation. Article 10 2 a During the period provided for by paragraph 2 any Contracting State may by notification in writing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands make a reservation with respect to the amendment.

Remuneration and expenses of delegates of the Cnvenzione Powers shall be subject to agreement between those Powers and the States whose interests they are safeguarding.

The said persons may not, without legitimate reason, be deprived of their identity card or of the right to wear the armlet. Dissemination of the Convention The High Contracting Parties undertake, in time of peace as in time of armed conflict, to disseminate the text of the present Convention and the Regulations for its execution as widely as possible in their respective countries. Nevertheless, when the safety of the property requires it, the depositary may, with the assent of the depositor, have the property transported to the territory of a third country, under the conditions laid down in the present article; d the request for special protection shall indicate that the State to whose territory the property is to be transferred accepts the provisions of the present Article.

Article 45 Means and costs of translation.