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CONSTRUCTA washing machine User manual |

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Cleaning the machine Unplug the machine during cleaning bedienungsnleitung maintenance. Do not use for purposes other than that for which it was designed. For other programs, do not add detergent to compartment 1.

The programme sequence is controlled electronically.

The water must be clean and clear. If joints are loose or there is leakage, turn off the water supply and refix. Follow the usage recommendation on the detergent package to avoid using too much detergent. If the drain hose is placed on the ground or if the pipe is at a height of less than 80cm, the washing machine will continuously drain while being filled self-siphoning.

Laundry Detergents and Additives d Risk of poisoning! The appliance must be connected to a volts 50 cycle AC supply by means of a three pin socket, suitably earthed and the outlet should be protected by a 15 amp fuse. Avoid overloading the washing machine.

Control Panel Control panel 1. Please turn the program knob to select the right program. The product and packaging should be taken to your local collection point for recycling. Fill the holes left by the bolts with blanking eneergy. It will also reduce wear and tear. Never touch or operate the machine with wet hands or when bare footed. The programme selector cannot be turned when the programme is in progress. Different water temperatures and spinning speeds can be set for different laundries.


Remove the blanking plugs.

Refer to the instructions on the drawer 3 2 1 1 Caution: If the washing machine is left idle for a long period, construdta off water supply Fig. Use the drain hose bracket to keep the end of the drain hose retained and hedienungsanleitung the outflow of water. Normal domestic use or 2. Hold the plug and not the electric cable when unplugging the power supply.

Flush the filter clean with running water Fig. The washing machine will stop operation automatically when a washing cycle ends. Page 43 Installing transportation protection devices Unblock the inlet hose filter. Such service shall be provided during normal business hours. The “End” sign will appear on the display. You must dispose of this product and its packaging according to local laws and regulations.

Special nonfoaming detergent produces good washing results. Can be turned in both directions. When you purchase any new Haier Product you automatically receive a two year Manufacturer’s Warranty covering parts and labour for servicing. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.


Clean the filter once a month: Place the washing machine directly on a carpet, or close to a wall or furniture. Page 6 Closing the drum lid Closing the appliance lid Caution! Attach your purchase receipt to this warranty card and keep in a safe place.


Place a container under the drain pump filter, to collect any excess water that may come out of the drain pump when the filter is removed. During a wash cycle, touch it lightly ,operation will bedienungsanlektung and the digits on the screen start blinking. Before use, they should be adjusted so that the machine is level. Force the washer door open.

We recommend using a spirit level to level the appliance. Old hose-sets should not be reused.


Keep the door slightly open when the washing machine is not in use to prevent formation of odours. Page 27 Fault Cause Action Switch off the appliance. As the water pressure and temperature may differ, the remaining time may be adjusted accordingly.

Check the inlet hose. The power cord must be replaced by the manufacturer, service agent or qualified persons, if it is damaged.

CONSTRUCTA Washing machine Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions

See “Operational functions” on the “Control Panel” pages bedienungsanleltung and 09 for selecting temperature and spin speed. Cleaning the appliance housing and control panel Cleaning the drum Caution Descaling the washing machine A separate earthed socket is required which shall be accessible at all times. Page 41 10 mm min. Press it again to switch it off.