October 6, 2020

Vacios ideológicos; Ausencia del mecanismos contra la concentración del poder; Falta de espacio político para la disidencia; Desgaste. CONSTITUCION POLITICA DE LA REPUBLICA DE COLOMBIA – Presidente: Pedro Alcántara Herrán ( – ). – Vicepresidente. CONSTITUCIÓN POLÍTICA DE LA REPÚBLICA DE COLOMBIA DE (Agosto 5) En nombre de Dios, fuente suprema de toda autoridad.

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This new law set the number of seats for each party to be proportional to the number of votes obtained by each party, with a minimum of one-third of the seats for the opposition party. This page was last edited on 21 Marchat It took 44 years up to for the Liberal party to regain power. Decidir, de conformidad con las leyes, sobre la validez o nulidad de las ordenanzas departamentales que hubieren sido suspendidas por el Gobierno, o denunciadas ante los Tribunales por los interesados como lesivas de derechos civiles.

Before this reform, the president was chosen by the electoral college that represented the electoral districts. Limitaciones del derecho electoral. Calidades para ser Senador. Inmiscuirse por medio de resoluciones o de leyes en asuntos que son de la privativa competencia de otros poderes. Publicidad de las sesiones. This rule was implemented for the first time in the presidential election ofwhich the liberal Eduardo Santos won. Liberal radicals were excluded. Tribunales Superiores de Distrito.


The suffrage for elections of national scope was limited: The president retained the power to name governors politkca in turn would appoint mayors, coolmbiaadministrators, directors of post offices, heads of jails, managers of banks, and others.

The National Assembly demonstrated its support for a government with a dictatorial character when it established a presidential period of 10 years for General Reyes from January 1, to January 31,with the possibility of directly appointing his successor. If the new president were someone other that Reyes the term would be for four years.

Separation of Panama from Colombia. The radical liberal segment was never reconciled to the loss of power and on three occasions, between andthey tried to gain it by force. Two delegates per state 18 totalone delegate member of the Conservative party and one delegate from the Liberal Party constittucion moderate tendencies.

Guerra civil colombiana de 1884-1885

El fallo afirmativo de la Corte obliga al Presidente a sancionar la ley. Atribuciones judiciales del Senado. It established that later reforms to the constitution could be made by the Congress, as long as the reform was approved by two-thirds majority of the members of the Senate and the in camera voting of two consecutive politicw legislative sessions. Also included were some polutica to recognize minority parties. Calidades para ser Ministro.

Obligaciones y derechos de los militares.


Thus, the president in poljtica had control of the executive at all levels. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Limitaciones del derecho de iniciativa.


With these reforms the presidential powers were reduced.

This important reform, inspired by the members of the Republican Union a third political party with bipartisan principles of free elections and religious tolerancebanned the participation of the military in politics and established the direct popular election of the president, departmental assemblies and municipal council. Retrieved from ” https: This agreement and the corresponding period was called National Front. This legislation fixed the parity of the parties with the stated purpose of finding a solution to the problems of the country.

Obligaciones generales de nacionales y extranjeros.

En otros proyectos Wikipedia. The Senate was chosen by the departmental assemblies. Page one of the original copy of the Constitution.

Constitución de Colombia de 1886

The proposal was rejected by the Colombian Congress, who considered it disadvantageous to the country, not only because the payments would not last forever, but because conceding the isthmus indefinitely to a foreign country represented a loss of national sovereignty.

The president of the Republic was elected by the Congress. Dar permiso a los empleados nacionales que lo soliciten, para admitir cargos o mercedes de Gobiernos extranjeros.