May 6, 2020

Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image® . It saves and restores only used blocks in hard drive. Two types of Clonezilla. Assuming you have used Clonezilla Live to make a backup of your Windows XP English language (available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian. Clonezilla-SysRescCD starting screen [^]. If you’re fine with US keymap and English language (available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian.

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This page contains a demonstration of the latter case. Download the Clonezilla zip file on the SSD and make it bootable. The default parameters for documenration Clonezilla Live francaiw a x screen, are the following:.

If your source disk does not contain that much stuff, you can shrink its partition size in Disk Management first to meet the target disk.

The following pressentation has been made using Clonezilla Live v 1. If you’re using US keymap, the default option ” Don’t touch keymap ” is a better choice.

Software In other languages: File Sync Automatically sync files with a schedule or in real-time without delay. Most importantly, it has an easy-to-use interface allowing you to finish task with few simple steps.

Choose the target disk for restoring, press the spacebar, and then press the Enter key. An easy-to-use and versatile tool offers data backup, files sync, disaster recovery, and disk clone solutions.


Again, your product is top notch.

My Clonezilla System came with a small disk that has drivers on it! Clonezilla is a free and open source hard drive cloning and imaging program. Note that no confirmation is asked it the disk image is small enough to fit to a CD. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Thank you so much for this free backup software.

Available options are local directory, remote directory through sshsamba or nfs and skipto use the previously used directory. Help answer questions Learn more. Details can be found on the manual of the motherboard or laptop. This option will clone the hard disk as an image on another drive instead of on a partition.

What to Do When Clonezilla Failed to Clone?

An easy-to-use and versatile tool offers data backup, files sync, disaster recovery, and ffrancais clone solutions. If you choose to continue, Clonezilla begins the cloning process. The ” zip ” option creates a ZIP file which can be used to create a bootable pendrive or clonezi,la hard drive. If you don’t want to customize the menu, continue from this step. Choose the device-image option. Before rebooting with Clonezilla, make sure that a blank external or internal hard drive is connected to your computer.

Tuxboot – About

Select the source disk by clicking on the disk you want documentarion clone, and click “Next” to continue. Clonezilla will ask you twice if you want to restore the cloned disk. Fourthselect the source disk and the target disk in turn now.


The current boot parameters will be displayed. Select your SSD as destination disk. To make it bootable, you need to extract the zip file, and create a MB partition on SSD as the boot partition.

Click your hard drive as source disk. If you select Expert modeyou can choose the options yourself. More info about the image file can be found at section ” About the Image file “. Comparatively speaking, AOMEI Partition Assistant has the advantages of multifunction, simple operation, and intuitive interface for using.

Clone Hard Drive to SSD via Clonezilla/Alternative

If you’re using US keymap, the default option ” Don’t touch keymap ” is a better choice. This screen displays the mounting result. Because you most likely use a different keyboard, choose the one you use.

If you really want to clone large disk to small one, you can check the option “-icds Skip checking destination disk size before creating partition table” in the advanced extra parameters.