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Rightly Dividing The Word () [Clarence Larkin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith are. THE TEXT OF SOME OF THE BOOKS ON THIS WEB PAGE BY CLARENCE LARKIN HAS BEEN ALTERED TO REMOVE ANY REFERENCES TO THE. Rightly Dividing the Word has 57 ratings and 3 reviews. Lorri said: Clarence Larkin is one of my favorite bibilical scholars. He pulls the bibilical doct.

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Twice in Genesis Gen. And the evening and the morning were the ‘Second Day’.

It is probable that the Lord God explained to Adam and Eve the significance of a “Bloody Sacrifice” for sin, but it is a remarkable fact that Adam is not mentioned in the Scriptures as offering such a sacrifice, neither is he mentioned in the list of Old Testament worthies recorded larmin the eleventh chapter of Hebrews.

The Old Testament is mostly taken up with the history of one nation, that dividjng Israel. Now as Moses was “learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” Acts 7: As an institution of Judaism, the Sabbath, with all the “Feast Days” and other ritualistic ceremonies and offerings of Judaism, ceased to function with the close of the Jewish Dispensation.

Rightly Dividing The Word 2. Jesus And The Lamb If death reigned on the Pre-Adamite Earth, and the bodies of the Pre-Adamites were buried in the earth, they may still remain buried in that part of the earth which they occupied, which now may be the bed of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

Adam was created in the “likeness larikn God” Gen. Want to Read clarece. No human remains have been found antedating the creation of man.

Clarence Larking: Rightly Dividing The Word: Table Of Contents And Chapter 1

It should read-the “end of the Age. As the word “heaven” is in the singular it will clarify matters to limit this creative act to our own planet, and the solar system to which it belongs, rather than to the tue of the vividing spaces or universe. Daily Bible Reading Plans x. Ageswas not made known unto the sons of men” Eph. The Dispersion of the Babelites happened about years after the Flood, for we read in Gen.

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The building of such a ship as that constructed by Noah is an illustration. Judaism And Christianity This Dispensation extended from the “Call of Abraham” to the “Exodus,” a period of years, and is known as the Dispensation of “The Family. The first place we read of the Sabbath is in Ex.

Which Is My Heart. It follows therefore that while the whole Bible was written for the instruction of the Church, it is not all written about the Church. Our website uses cookies to store user preferences.

In the words “replenish the earth” we have unmistakable evidence that the earth had been peopled before it was thrown into a chaotic condition, and that its inhabitants in some way had been destroyed. A garden in which God caused to grow every tree that was pleasant to the sight and good for food, and in the midst of the garden He planted the “Tree of Life,” and the tree of the “Knowledge of Good and Evil.

He made the stars also. This accounts for all the “World Systems” of today for the social, religious, political and commercial betterment and advancement of the race. Violent convulsions must have wrecked the Pre-Adamite Earth and covered its surface with the waters of its oceans.

That the whole human race is of “One specie” and had a common origin Acts The incandescence of the atmosphere, and it doubtless was very strong and brilliant, generated a vast amount of heat that melted the icy covering of the earth and formed water, that, being evaporated, formed vaporous clouds that prepared the way for the work of the “Second Day.


In the Carboniferous Period the atmosphere was full of Carbonic Acid Gas, in which animal life could not exist. It was the standard by which men accused or excused themselves.

As a result the godly descendants of Seth were, by intermarriage, swallowed up by the godless descendants of Cain, and as the sequel shows, only eight persons were fit to be saved from that foaming sea of sin in the Ark that Noah built. You cannot understand Leviticus without Hebrews, or Daniel without Revelation. Let us now take up the “Ages” and “Dispensations” and study them separately. Evil is the fruit of sin and disobedience.

In the course of time-and the formation of our Solar System took thousands upon-thousands of years-the earth cooled off sufficiently to permit the oxygen and hydrogen in the atmosphere to form water, that fell in the form of rain on the larkkn, but like when water falls upon a red-hot plate it is immediately turned into steam, the first rain that fell was vaporized by the heat dividint the earth’s crust, but, continuing to fall, it finally so cooled the earth’s surface as to be able to remain and form seas and oceans.

See the Chart of “The Times and Seasons,” page 4.

Rightly Dividing the Word

As an evidence of this we have the rings of Saturn, that doubtless in time will break up and form moons for that planet. While the Bible has been compiled in the manner described, it is not a “heterogeneous jumble” of ancient history, myths, legends, religious righfly and apocalyptic literature. It is clear from the account of the Fall of Adam and Eve that sin existed before man was created.