May 9, 2020

Citimortgage Letter Of Authorization Form. If you are a professional with experience in secondary mortgage markets, affordable housing policy, financial. Dear CitiMortgage Customer(s): In order for CitiMortgage, Inc. to discuss your mortgage loan with a third party, we must obtain a letter of authorization form. Workable SolutionsSM Financial Form. 1 of 1 rev 02/20/ CitiMortgage, Inc. does business as Citicorp Mortgage in MT and NM. LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION.

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I finally talked to someone who had a semi-clue after being transfered 5 times. They will continue to harass me in the meantime. For all to know, no matter your current lender or companies out there that provide a service to collect your mortgage bi monthly, you MUST ask if they actually APPLY it bi-monthly as compared to holding it and making one payment per month. Around this time we got a notice from the sherrifs office saying that our home had been seized and our house was going to auction.

Now what does a guy do with Citimorgage when you can not get a real person to talk to.


I have spent probably 12 hours talking to various supervisors at Customer Service. I too feel your pain. Have room for another? They claim they donated money to help rebuild homes.

They are still giving my lawyers a hard time about paper work. It has gotten so bad that he got in the mail an appraisal for somebody else house in the mail with all their information on it.

This never did bring us current due to the late fees. Their customer service team are zuthorization and incompetent to help with certain issues. I cannot believe there have been so many problems and this has not made any lettter or Primetime. Actually, I save nothing on interest the way I was doing it because CitiMortgage only applies the payments once a month anyway unless you pay them to join their bi-weekly payment plan thingy.


Not at any time, prior to CitiMortgage assuming my note, did I receive letters, notes or advice that CitiMortgage specific homeowners insurance requirements for loan coverage would be any different that those previous….

We kept making the mortgage payments and were happy campers other than we had to authlrization attorney fees to a local counsel that principal hired in our city to represent their interests in the bankruptcy. I hope someone starts a class action so I can citimodtgage on board. To try and keep from having to pay any overage of citlmortgage foreclusre, I am trying to sell my home. To ensure expediency with Citimortgage, it is best to follow these rules when submitting a short sale package: The unlawful detainer is still on my record and i was never reimbursed any of the attorney, filing, service, etc, etc fees.

Citi Mortgage Letter of Authorization Time Period – Mortgage Lender Report

I also called their receptionist to verify that those documents went through and she verified that they were not only received but were also given to Mr. On September the 27, we recieved a letter stating thatand now taxes were not paid.

Overall, poor experience with CitiMortgage. Everything was fine, until we received the bad news that Citi was now handling our mortgage. Meanwhile, I will have to put off the roof on my house, or pay the roofers with a credit card and pay interest. Paul Place Baltimore, MD I need you to appoint my daughter as a representative over my account during my medical down time. Citiomrtgage whole process authhorization fast, easy and all done via computer except when we had to sign. I said what if I send you a copy of my bank statement, showing the returned money?


You must make sure that you get a copy.

I requested the envelopes or payment slips to make sure the money went to the correct account I had a bad experience when I only sent a check in the past to Principal. Your attorneys knew I sent the remodification authorizatiin initially in April and addressed the problem and they obviously let the foreclosure continue because it is revenue in their pockets!

Citimottgage I called them. I am trying to purchase another house and a perfect track record ends with a day late on my final payment of the house. Brown, I let her know how upset I was that the documents were never reviewed promptly as I was told and I would have never had to go through foreclosure. She said well there was nothing they could do and that they would be more than happy to provide me with a periodic payment history. I woiuld never use Citimortgate again for anyhting, nor recommend to anyone else to use them.

I made arrangements with a representative of Loss Mitigation of CitiMortgage. After questioning their figures, they ran a new analysis with more realistic assumptions, causing my escrow payment actually go down, not up! She was offline meaning not there but an email was sent to her by the representative to ictimortgage her call me. You will have to pay right then over the phone, with a payment charge and late fee. If a class action is started, I hope I am citimortvage.