May 7, 2020

Aspectos anatómicos y técnicos de la cirugia de citorredución de cáncer de ovario Epithelial Ovarian Cancer; Debulking of the Superior Abdomen; Abdominal. The mainstay of treatment for advanced ovarian cancer is the multimodality approach of debulking surgery and paclitaxel–platinum chemotherapy. The size of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Primary or delayed debulking surgery and treated with primary or delayed (secondary) optimal debulking surgery unless impossible, Cáncer epitelial de ovario: evaluación y cirugía.

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This stent, composed of silicon requires rigid bronchoscopy for insertion Figure 5. Furthermore, careful analysis of radiographs is essential when approaching these patients. In the s, the Dumon stent was considered the gold standard prosthesis for airway management in patients with endobronchial malignancies Photodynamic therapy PDT which will be discussed later in this chapter may also be used to reestablish an endobronchial lumen prior to stent insertion.

Debulking – Wikipedia

Debulking is used with curative intent in only some types of canceras generally partial removal of a malignant tumor is not a worthwhile intervention for curative purposes because malignant cells left behind soon multiply and renew the threat. Approximately joules of light energy is administered into the tumor Figure This medical treatment —related article is a stub. This series of photochemical reactions causes cell death. Even so, such therapy should only be employed when there is patent airway distal to the proposed area of stent deployment.

Physical examination should include but not be limited to an evaluation of the patients overall condition including respiratory status, breath sounds and end organ perfusion.

Despite the potential complications associated with endobronchial Nd: This complication can be avoided by using the endobronchial laser in the noncontact mode or by using a fluid coolant. Retrieved from ” https: The proximal end of the stent and a 36 Fr chest tube are loaded onto the rigid scope as described above.

Photodynamic therapy, while relatively new in the treatment of tracheobronchial cancer, can reestablish and maintain airway luminal integrity with minimal morbidity and negligible mortality.


Stent placement for endobronchial cancer management is quite useful for restoring airway patency in the setting of extrinsic compression or endobronchial tumor Figure Debulking is the reduction of as much of the bulk volume of a tumour as possible. Our practice is to liberally lubricate the shaft of the rigid bronchoscope. This study can demonstrate the relationship between the tumor and bronchovascular structures.

Endoluminal management of malignant airways disease.

Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

The chest tube is then grasped citugia held stationary with a Kocher clamp or other heavy hemostat while the rigid scope is withdrawn. Debridement may require the use of the rigid bronchoscope.

Stent insertion is considered a means of palliation. The radical treatment for Peritoneal carcinomatosis includes debulking and intraoperative hiperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Although we use this modality more often for endoluminal control of unresectable esophageal cancer, it can certainly be applied to advanced lung cancer with airway involvement.

Peritoneal carcinomatosis is a form of intra-abdominal dissemination of the malignant gastrointestinal and gynecological tumors and abdominopelvic sarcomas, with or without evidences of systemic metastasis.

This therapy, introduced by Dougherty et al, demonstrated necrosis in various tumor types 16, Surgical oncology Medical treatment stubs.

Peritoneal Carcinomatosis | Cirugía Sanchinarro

While the lesion is visualized with the flexible scope, metallic markers are placed on the patient’s chest along the proximal and distal margins of involvement Figure The rigid bronchoscope was ej most often. Special attention to detail and judicious use of the laser will avoid untoward events in most cases. The long end of the stent is then positioned inside the left main stem as described above for Dumon stent placement.

Using the laser in combination with the rigid scope allows for effective tumor debulking and relatively rapid airway restoration Figure 4. At least 30 seconds to one minute is allowed to elapse prior to engaging the laser. This decreased reactivity makes ublking stents easy to extract if dw. The flexible endoscope can be inserted through the rigid scope to allow for precise coagulation of more distally located tumors.


Major complications include airway fire, hypoxemia, airway perforation, exsanguinating hemorrhage and pneumothorax. As mentioned, the laser may cirufia used with either the flexible or rigid scope. Ovarian cancer [4] and some types of brain tumor [5] are debulked before radiotherapy or chemotherapy begin, making those therapies more effective. Fiber optic bronchoscopy is the mainstay in the detection of recurrent endobronchial tumor; however white light bronchoscopy is limited in its ability to localize occult tracheobronchial recurrences.

This approach can subsequently allow for mechanical tumor debulking with forceps or with the tip of the bronchoscope.

Accordingly, patients are at significant risk for retinal injury and severe sunburn manifested by erythema and blisters. This will allow for the development of tumor necrosis.

Following chest closure, a repeat flexible bronchoscopy is performed to assess the anastomosis and evacuate secretions. For patients who have undergone therapy for endobronchial tumor, surveillance is necessary to identify recurrent disease early. A lung window image can also identify the presence of aerated lung tissue distal to a site of bronchial obstruction.

It is necessary to apply intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the following cases, after expected mechanisms of tumoral cell implantation in the peritoneum: For example, tumors whose bulk presses on the lungs or esophagus can impair breathing or swallowing, in which case debulking can improve quality of life [1] and cirigia survival [1] regardless of not curing the cancer.

They could not demonstrate any improvement in the detection of histologic abnormalities over white light bronchoscopy An airway stent may help decompress a postobstructive pneumonia or resolve an atelectatic lobe or bulling.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; This information is paramount to determining treatment feasibility. Plain films may show lobar collapse, consolidation and infiltrative processes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.