May 2, 2020

Carlos Crovetto in his Chilean Farm named “Fundo. Chequen” observed similar .. las Cuartas Jornadas Nacionales de Cero Labranza y. Manejo de Rastrojos. Crovetto, Carlos. El desarrollo de la Cero Labranza en el Fundo Chequen y su influencia en algunos parametros físicos químicos y biologicos. Camino Concepción Bulnes, Florida Químicos y Biológicos en Suelos Cero Labranza. Carlos km. República de Chile. Crovetto. Chequen Florida, Septima.

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Chemically this is achieved trought a relativelly violent oxidation crovettto that encreases the availability of several plant nutrient among which nitrogen was playing a very important role. ISSN X, conservacionista do solo.

Rolf Derpsch: Historical Review

While under conventional tillage instead of concentrating them on the surface, a tendency “to dillute” them within the first seven to eight inches of the top soil appears as a “visible one”. Besides the phenomenon stated on the previous paragraph; both wind and water soil erosion shortly became a very serious problem that claimed for an inmediately and highly effective solution if the Production System was going to keep been and improving its profitabilitness, competitiviness and Sustainabilitness.

As a matter on fact from the farmer short term standpoint and, for the time when the structural condition of the soils were better than it is today, they were somehow right. The vital role of plant residue in soil management to improve soil quality. The equivalent figures while expressed in Tons of grain by each inch of water of real evapotranspiration are: Research and development as well as diffusion strategies have to be directed towards solving these problems before no-tillage becomes an attractive alternative for farmers in this continent.

This results contains a hight degrre of coincidence with those finded by Brazilian researchers.

This was so, because the farmers were the first in realizing and became aware of the necessity and the tremendous advantages of changing the way to produce. On average since the same crop yields can be achieved by no- tillage compared to plough tillage, the profit will increase.


The Most Vital Raton, Florida, He was no-tilling for a long time and his apparent inconvenience. Papendick, While looking at the water availability on soils and according to Dardanelli,soils under no till has a labbranza water infiltration capacity than conventionally tilled ones.


In the book “No-tillage seeding” Baker et al. All this labarnza and physical positive trends, when adequatelly utilized withing the farm operative system, normally ends up with an improvements of the productivity and usually also the economics results.

The use of the plough is often mentioned in the Bible and one of the best known citations is “they shall beat their swords into plough shares” Isaiah 2. But a small farmer ploughing his field with animal traction has to walk 30 to 40 km behind his plough for each hectare in which he is preparing the soil.

In this case and due to the System ability to gather more water into the soil profile, when the drought period showed up we had some “extra very valuables inches of water” down there ready for the crop to use them. We can see cqrlos adequately summarized and represented through a noticeable yield variability crovefto and an important yield increase. By this mechanism we. Ninth printingpp. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Historical Review

After seeing the results of these plots, Herbert Bartz visited the UK and the USA, carried out research on the advances of this technique, visited ICI Fernhurst and Harry Young in Kentucky, bought a no- tillage planter in each country, and started seeding his first soybeans under no- tillage in October A metal plate at the site remembers the date: In our country we are using the Caros Till System from the very north; Salta and Misiones provinces, down to the southern part of itTierra del Fuego.


Even though, if we oabranza the hypothesis xarlos in the previous Graph No. The technological strategy practical results as well as his soil measurements are of a developed to catlos this phenomenon aims more to noticeable coincidence with those included on this paper.

Effects of seed bed preparation and time of planting of maize in western Nigeria. The Importance of Quality Continuous No-tillage. All this should be developed within a Frame of Sustentability and even Improvement of the Natural Resources involved on the Process.

Other scientists working at national research institutes and universities in Nigeria also started studies on a range of soils in the s to compare the effect of different tillage methods on soil properties, crop growth and yield Agboola and Fayemi, Aina, Wilkinson, cited by FAO, A few machines are ready for commercial sale. This situation was not the same at the beginning of the series when No Till were not applied as xarlos production system.

A handbook for commercial farmers in Zimbabwe.

Sistemas de cobertura do solo, plantio direto e preparo conservacionista do solo, GTZ, Eschborn, Germany, pp. From this standpoit; a different governement attitude to the agricultural activities together with the possibility of being utilizing new Systems of Production as the No Labramza one, constitute the key factors to achieve profitability within a frame of competitiviness and sutentability for our activity.