May 29, 2020

This page contains information about the CSUN M (W) solar panel. To compare this to other PV modules, click here. CA Solar LLC offers a broad range of solar PV modules from Suntech, Yingli Solar, CEEG (China Sunergy) and CA Solar: W, W, W, W, W . offers 3 ceeg solar panels products. About 66% of these are solar cells, solar panel, 33% are solar energy systems. A wide variety of ceeg solar.

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In general, as someone mentioned before, it is not a rocket science to make solar panels, but choose 520w reputable supplier it does save you a lot headaches since they obviously last longer. I class them as Tier 2, but happy to be persuaded otherwise. Hi Phil cdeg is some info for you this is public information how can a company trade under so many ABN numbers. They are made in SA I believe, competitive price with the tier 1 stuff.

SST M Watt Solar Panel from CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Science and Technology

Hi David, I am writing about the Australian market. Word of mouth is a good starting point, but validated performance data is better than any opinion. Are Blue Sun fairly new? Conveniently, they are right next to each other:. May 8, at 5: Should have also indicated the Installer is Victorian Solar Light who were referred to me by your Company I think, can you tell me if they are on your list as preferred Installers please.


In the meantime I can recommend all these guys who install local to you: What does that prove? And that means facing panels North.

I don;t recommend Tier 3 panels: January 16, at 2: Cant see JY panels in any of the lists on this blog either. I will leave this alone. Federico Iglesias Ferrara says: Hi Ronald well that is strange as after checking pabels emails found the following dated 11 January can send you the original email if you can give me an email address to send it too: April 17, at As a creditor we have not received one cent.

Thank You for an excellent blog. Hi Finn I beg to disagree with what you say and would recommend to anyone to add a larger inverter to their solar installation. BYD are Tier 1 panels — but fairly uncommon in Australia.

CSUN M (W) Solar Panel

They have a 12 year product warranty. May 18, at 8: You need to xolar the Q A statements and the testing of the panels to see if they are good or bad panels.

I received a fairly good education about a hundred ago, but am unable to understand English at an 8-year-old level these days. April 21, at 3: To give you a bit more information, I have paneks doen kWh off my roof.


A good 3kW system should produce about How do you know the truth? Hey Finn, where the hell is Jinko Panels????

If your Chinese solar panels are not on one of these lists, be careful!

October 30, at 5: If you start checking at Photon website of the panles results from the year of which is the on-site practical test for solar system installed at different times until end of last year, then probably you can find your own answer. Some are good, but a lot of them are absolute garbage.

March 27, at 7: August 12, at JFY are one of the cheapest inverters available. Every brand we have tried including 10 of the listed 12 brands on your Tier 1 list have all ended up having issues would likely be all 12 but we have not used 2 panel brands on the list! November 5, at 2: