May 27, 2020

CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers (v+v) – Scaling Networks 1. A network designer is considering whether to implement a swit. The quiz below is designed to help you with the CCNA 3 final exam. Give it a try and get to know what to expect come exam time. CCNA3 v – Exam Answers – Online Assessment (April, ). CCNA3 v ( CCNA Scaling Networks) is the latest update that we have collection since till April We have verify with the Practice Final · Online.

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However, none of the users from network VTP will block frame forwarding on cvna least one redundant trunk port that is configured on this switch.

CCNA 3, Final Exam Quiz

Removing ad is ccna premium feature. What is the result of this command being issued on a Cisco switch? What two pieces of information are indicated from the exhibited output?

VTP-enabled switches exchange three types of advertisements: A network administrator configured an EtherChannel link with three interfaces between two switches.

What is the result if one of the three interfaces is down? What should the network administrator do to ensure the new switch exchanges VTP information with the other switches in the VTP domain?


Sign In with your ProProfs account. A router is participating in an OSPFv2 domain.

rxam Give it a try and get to know what to expect come exam time. There is a risk that the switch may cause incorrect VLAN information to be sent through the domain.

Implement the command network A lower cost indicates a better path to the destination than a higher cost does.

CCNA 3 v6.0 Exam Answers 2018 score 100%

The routers are unable to form a neighbor adjacency. In an OSPFv2 configuration, what is the effect of entering the command network It protects the edge of the enterprise network from malicious activity.

Combine routes learned from different protocols into a single routing table. Which value can be used to configure the bridge priority of one of the switches to ensure that it becomes the root bridge in this design? What will occur within the network?

CCNA3 v – CCNA v Exam

What is the term that is used for the area of a network that is affected when a device or network service experiences problems? Paths are chosen based on the lowest number of hops to the designated router.


A network administrator is reviewing the configuration of switch S1. Not ccnz options are used.

When the connection to the successor of the destination network fails and there is no feasible successor available. Which two addresses represent valid destination addresses for an OSPFv3 message? What is the primary ffinal of deploying a switch block?

It tells the router which interface to turn on for the OSPF routing process. A switched network has converged completely. Go to My Dashboard.

CCNA 3, FINAL EXAM Quiz – ProProfs Quiz

Please take the quiz to rate it. The new switch has a VTP revision number of 4. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. The other switches in the domain can be running either VTP version 1 or 2.