May 1, 2020

Cautex catalogo on line. Snap on Tools Catalog English CAT Cover Menu. Page View; Contents View; Advertisers; Website; Issue Articles Issue List. 3 years ago. Cover of “NORMA Catálogo Recambio Automoción ” Cover of ” catálogo kontakt chemie ” Cover of “Cautex General 1”. Catálogo Corporativo · Delegaciones · Franquíciate; Noticias. Acerca de Gaudí · Acerca de CARPRISS. Recanvis CAUTEX. CAUTEX. Recanvis CEVAM.

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A3 x42x60 mm1KA Inner black synthetic rubber tubeTube intrieur de caoutchouc synthtique noir Refuerzo textil de alta tenacidad embebido en caucho y alambre de acero enforma helicoidal.

Kit transmission cot bote gaucheKit transmission cot roueKit transmission cot bote droit avec roul. Informative Circular 57 Facet news: Sur la commande on peut fabriquer toute mesure.

Cautex General 1

Kit transmission cot bote gauche avec roul. NON for BiodieselPour essence, diesel, huiles, combustibles, lubrifiants, mulsions eau et huile, eau glycols. Les taches gas-oil ou huile n’endommagent pas ces produits, mais ne doivent pas tre utilises pourles transporter ni les submerger dans ces liquides.

Great resistance to ozone, aging, pressure and high temperatures. Due to this important enlargement of new references, together with new engine schemes, Grupo Cautex has designed the new catalogue dividing it in a two-volume catalogue for being easier to handle.

You can find all our products in Z4 02E85; 06E Upper rear engine mountingFront engine mountingEngine mountingRear engine mountingRear left engine mountingShock absorver bearingRight engine mountingEngine mountingTop polyurethane back suspensionUpper right mounting front suspensionUpper left mounting front suspensionBellow and front cushioning topUpper right mounting shock absorver front susp. CV boot kit gear sideCV boot kit wheel and gear sideCV boot kit wheel sideCV boot kit wheel and gear sideCV boot kit gear sideCV boot kit wheel and gear sideJoint conique pour tube catallogo tube chappementKit directionKit directionPoulie pour alternateurKit transmission cot roue thermoplasticKit directionKit directionKit transmission cot bote et roueKit transmission cot boteKit transmission cot roue et bote ther.


Sobre pedido se puede fabricar cualquiermedida.

Recambios para vehículos automóviles

A4 x65x80 mm8EAP E36, Ex35x42 66,5 mm Resistant to antifreezing liquids and oil tracesRsistant anticongelantes et traces d’huile Gran flexibilidad con radios de giro muy reduci-dos. Informative Circular 57 Monday, 29 October ATOS One uses under minimum order of 50 metersIl est servi sous commande minimale de 50 mtres Tubo interior de caucho sinttico negro.

Stabilizer bar rodMounting superior of wharf front suspensionBellow and front cushioning topSupport moteur suprieurSupport moteur avantSupport moteurSupport moteur arrireSupport moteur arrire droitRoulement amortisseurSupport moteur droitSupport moteurBute polyurthane suspension arrireSupport droit suprieur suspension avantSupport gauche suprieur suspension avantSoufflet et avant amortissant plafondSupport suprieur droit amortisseur susp.

E39, Ex52 57×67 mm Desde el U5F 1 Une grande fatalogo l’ozone, au vieillissement, la pression et aux tempratures importantes. Waxed kraft paper internal layer.

Cautex catalogo on line shall agree

Ex66x63 76 mm A6 2 2T, 2. CV boot kit wheel side thermoplasticCV boot kit gear sideCV boot kit wheel side thermoplasticFlexible de frein avantFlexible de frein arrireKit transmission cot roue thermoplasticKit direction thermoplastiqueFlexible de frein arrireKit transmission cot boteKit transmission cot roue thermoplasticKit transmission cot roue thermoplasticKit transmission vatalogo boteKit transmission cwtalogo boteKit transmission cot boteKit transmission cot roue et bote ther.


Special for gasoline, diesel oil, etc. Water hose for automobiles, trucks, tractors, generator sets, etc.

New Grupo Cautex General Catalogue –

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Outside bushing front lower suspension armArticulation exterieur bras suspension avant inf. A8 x50x60 mm4DC For other countries or languages please follow any of the links and change the settings on the top right of the page. Especial para paso de aceite. Capa externa de papel kraftnegro. I x60x25 30×46 mm A3 x38 mm1KA D 16x27x31x18,5 mm Informative Circular 56 Cautex news: Il est fourni dans des tubes de 1 m.

EPDMBase en caoutchouc thylne propylne: HDI F9