April 6, 2021

Pollution From Waste: Buriganga water shows signs of improvement With all the previous efforts to save Buriganga river going in vain, Dhaka South City. The impossible task of cleaning the Buriganga river Result: the water is so polluted that no fish can survive there. At the beginning of January. Shehzad Noorani explores how the extreme pollution of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh, impacts those who make their homes and living on the river.

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But environmental groups say they defy such orders by using their political links or by bribing people.

Buriganga chokes on pollutants

It is said that the water levels during high and very high tides in this river astonished the Mughals. Toxic wastes or substances of Tannery polluttion other industries directly affect living being through drinking water. Sewage is also released into the Buriganga. Rjver of years ago, the banks of the Buriganga were a prime location when the Mughals made Dhaka their capital in Retrieved 22 February Besides, 95 tonnes of solid and hazardous waste, including trimmings of finished leather, shaving dust, hair, and trimmings from raw hide are also dumped in the area’s open drains.

Buriganga River – Wikipedia

Political will and community participation is needed to revive the dying river that gave life to Dhaka. About the middle of the 19th century the main volume of the channel flowed through this southern channel, which came to be known as Kirtinasa.


But now the river has been reduced to drain. Although we cover a wide range of topics, our emphasis is on art, culture, history and travel.

Bangladesh’s polluted Buriganga river cries out for help | ThingsAsian

Sadarghat port on the Buriganga River, Dhaka city. Most polllution the industrial units of these areas have no sewage treatment or effluent treatment plants ETPs of their own.

No fish can survive in it anytime of the year. They defy such orders by using their political links or by bribing people. Some of them are: The course of the Padmaas the main course of the Ganges is known in Bangladesh, changed considerably during the period to AD.

I have seen people rinse clothes full of dye in the river at the same spot where excavators were removing rubbish. Retrieved 13 October Environmentalists also want tanneries to be moved away from the river and sewage to be diverted to treatment plants.

The extracted sludge was to be disposed of at Dhaka City Corporation’s dumping site.

We are a voice to you; you have been a support to us. Causes of Buriganga River Pollution The City of Dhaka discharge about 4, tons of solid waste every day and most of it is released into the Buriganga. This image shows a section of the riverbank that has been entirely taken over by trash.

Today, the Buriganga river is afflicted by the noisome problem pollutoin pollution. One of the mainstays of the Bangladesh economy, as well as a major source of pollution is the brick industry. During a Renewable Energy Meeting that I attended while I was in Dhaka, scientists discussed how biomass waste could be used as an energy source.


Some smaller ones still operate on the river clandestinely and the rlver has not done much to shut them down. The plight of the Buriganga symbolizes the general state of many rivers in Bangladesh, a large flat land criss-crossed by hundreds of rivers which faces an uphill battle to keep them navigable and their waters safe for human and aquatic lives.

Buriganga River

In addition to its potential use as a source of energy, the stems of water hyacinths can be used to make rope, furniture, paper, and as a source of natural fibers https: All along the banks, I saw children playing often under drainage outlets or even in the water. However, the civic agency refused to accept the waste because of its volume and the unknown characteristics of the waste. Archived pollurion the original on 10 March This project will be in vain if the authorities do not try to educate the inhabitants.

There has been no integrated and coordinated initiative. The government has initiated a move to relocate the tanneries outside the capital, nuriganga also asked illegal encroachers to vacate the river.

It is very difficult to even walk past here. Dredging stirs up pollutants that have settled on the bottoms of rivers, and there are many in the Buriganga River from industries and oil operations along its banks.