May 13, 2020

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I must say Luke that I am very interested in reading your work. I have only really just heard about you and your work but. Building Blocks [Luke Jermay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We consider it a real coup to be able to add this superb book by Luke to our range in this exciting aspect to our business. ‘Building Blocks’ by Luke Jermay.

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Building Blocks is a more complete read and lays out the methodology and thinking behind the effects in a detailed and systematic way.

Mar 23, We’re proud to let you read our mail. B,ocks is such an incredible presence on DVD that we highly suggest his work to any serious mentalist.

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Jan 16, If it does not make much sense to you now, you will come back to it after you got more performing experience and Seven deceptions is really a book of effects and is best viewed as a companion to BB and IMHO should be read after BB in order for the effects in 7D to make full sense. A plucked rose visibly wilts and dies as you talk about the fragility of life.

Building Blocks I consider to be more complete in it’s writting style. News on skull duggery is that peter nardi is aiming to have this at Blackpool Convention along with Andy Nymans dvd cant wait!!!

Particularly exasperating are the author’s numerous attempts to illuminate the topic under discussion by referring to the work luje other performers, whom one may or may not have seen, and to material in his pamphlet 7 Deceptionswhich one may or may not have read.


That lovely little booklet continues to garner great reviews and comments when someone The ideas he presents on both technique and the effects themselves are fascinating.

Magic Tricks

Jermay does not walk this tightrope without a safety net. He has devised some of the most groundbreaking mind reading material of the decade, yet he has never collected Jan 29, This is the real work on the verbal control of a spectator.

Did this review help you? This download is exciting to us because it shows mentalist Luke Jermay in an entirely new way: Many of the effects are clever and creative and would probably appeal to magicians–notably, a routine in which a rose appears to wither under the weight of negative thoughts, and an effect in which an audience member is apparently able to see and describe the performer’s “aura.


I am presented with exactly forty-five minutes to sum up my feelings about buikding book. Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 3. Listen as he talks to Alvo Stockman about memory based magic and why it’s a different animal.

I am interested to learn from anyone who has read both Building Blocks and 7 Deceptions and can provide a brief comparison of the two. Take a look at our Return Policy. Luke, let me add my voice to the chorus for your book! They are almost unable to physically move as they are stuck in a single moment of time. Read our privacy policy.

Magic Trick Reviews – Building Blocks Review

Jan 12, With the Burst Bubble suggestion, your spectator will believe they felt the moment of magic happen inside their own mind! And here’s where we get to the good news: You can even scan through the whole book with your fingertips and comment on the story and characters.


Well produced hardbound book from Peter Nardi. The routines while not for everyone, still shine a tremendous amount of light on just how affective and wonderful psychological extra bits can change an effect. I congratulate Luke for a great contribution! You identify the cards as “red” or “black” simply by waving your fingers underneath the cards It is worth its weight luks gold, bj gold!

Building Blocks Extended by Luke Jermay Book

Jermag, coupled with his ground breaking applications of the four Convincers, is enough to transform and We need want no longer; Luke Jermay is here to fill our desires! Luke Jermay is the most influential mentalist of his era.

We need want no longer; Luke Jermay is here to fill our desires! The Marksman Deck became an overnight success — magicians worldwide have been using it as their go-to deck ever since it was released. Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best But that’s just for starters!

He has decided to release more of his awesome material, the routines which he uses to stun audiences around the world. Babymagician New user 85 Posts.

Thank you all for your kind words, hope to see some of you at my lecture on the 21st. Jan 27, It is worth its weight in gold, pure gold!