May 6, 2020

Total No. of BSNL JTO BSNL JTO Question papers will help. BSNL Previous Year Question paper and solution free download for The candidates who had petitioned for BSNL JTO Exam have to check. latestjobs provides BSNL JTO Previous Year Exam Paper and their answer or solution. BSNL JTO Sample Exam Papers | BSNL JTO Model Papers| Latest.

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BSNL JTO Previous Year Question Paper with Answer

Essayist works with words as sculptor with- answerss water b stone c air d hills Answer is: You can easily solve all kind of placement test papers by practicing the exercises given below. The energy gap in a semiconductor – a increases with temperature b remains constant c slightly increase with temperature d decrease with temperature Answer is: In a forward voltage Triggering thyristor changes from ” a off state to on state b on state to off state c on state to on state d off state to off state Answer is: These circuits converts input power at one frequency to output power at a different frequency through one stage conversion ” a AC voltage controllers b Cyclo converters c Phase controlled rectifiers d Inverters Answer is: High loop gain 2.

The most common modulation system used for telegraphy is- a frequency shift keying b two ” tone modulation c pulse code modulation d single tone modulation Answer is: Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering.

Join these sentences meaningfully by choosing the correct alternative from the following: You have entered an incorrect email address!

When an ac current of 5A and dc current of 5A flow simultaneously through a circuit then which of the following statement is true? You can easily solve all kind of questions by practicing the following exercises.



In order to get good score in the written exam candidates have to prepare well for the exam. This will help you realize the challenges better.

Ninth Plan in India ranges from- a b c d Answer is: Ajswers Previous year question papers was never been so easy as we made it. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited board has newly released the recruitment notification to fill various vacancies for Telecom Technical Assistant. Thermistors are made of – a pure metals b pure insulators c sintered mixtures of metallic oxides d pure semiconductor Answer is: The resolution of a logic analyser is – a the maximum number of input channels b the minimum duration of the glitch it can capture c it’s internal clock period d the minimum amplitude of input signal it can display Answer is: Also you can leave reply bellow of each and every post for make our service batter.

A satellite link oapers different frequencies for receiving and transmitting in order to ” a avoid interference from terrestrial microwave links b avoid interference between its powerful transmitted signals and weak in coming signal c minimize free-space losses d maximize antenna gain Answer is: Varoctor diode has non linearity of – a capacitance b Inductance c Resistance d Is a linear device Answer is: The circuit that separates composite video warefore from the sync pulses is- a the keyed AGC amplifar b a clipper c an integrator d a sawtooth current Answer is: Which country in July ’99 officially announced mastering of indigenously developed neutron bomb technology?

Then, the real part and wo are given by- a “5, 1 b “2. Next chose which one you need and click. To obtain good score proper preparation for the exam is important.


BSNL Question Papers – BSNL Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec 2018

When a sample of N type semiconductor has electron density of 6. Lastly, they will let you know the nature of questions that can be expected in Exam this year. And also you can discuss your any requirement for any examination preparation; our experts will always ready to help you. Equalizing pulses in TV are sent during- a horizontal blanking b vertical blanking c the jt d the horizontal retrace Answer is: The International Date Line is represented by- a meridian b meridian c meridian d meridian Answer is: In the equatorial plane only Geosynchronous satellite are launched because it is the only plane which provides ” a 24 hour orbit b anwsers satellite c global communication d zero-gravity environs Answer is: To form a quorum how many members of the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha should be present?

So, the competition for the post is also tough.

For a quarter wavelength ideal transmission line of characteristic impedance 50 ohms and load impedance ohms, the input impedance will be ” a 25W b 50Wc W d W Answer is: The primary control on drain current in answets JFET is exerted by – a Channel resistance b Size of depletion regions c Voltage drop across channel d Gate reverse bias Answer is: