July 3, 2020

The consultants submitted their final report in the year ▫ It is popularly known as BRIMSTOWAD Report. Major recommendations in the BRIMSTOWAD . Brihanmumbai Storm Water Drains (BRIMSTOWAD) Report () by Watson and Hawskley: Studied cause of floods. It recommended. Mumbai city news,Brihanmumbai storm water disposal system,Brimstowad. After the July That day, the city reported flooding at 41 locations.

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Mumbai is lined on the west by Arabian Sea and is intercepted by number of creeks. The tidal variation is a major consideration in the system of Storm Water Drains SWD for releasing rain water as well as wastewater into sea.

Brimstowad project gave relief from waterlogging: BMC

The present SWD system in the city is more than years old and is about km long. This network rrport of underground drains, laterals roadside open drains, minor and major nallas built on the basis of population and weather conditions at that time.


The old SWD system is capable of handling rain intensity of 25 bfimstowad per hour at low tide. If the rain intensity is more than 25 mm per hour and high tide occurs, there is always a possibility of water logging.

There are 29 outfalls in Western Suburbs draining directly into nrimstowad while 14 drain into Mithi River, which ultimately joins Mahim Creek.

In Junethere was heavy rainfall when city was flooded causing total disruption of the rail and Road Traffic and heavy financial losses.

MCGM therefore, decided to study the whole SWD system of Mumbai and to prepare the master plan for quicker runoff and to minimize the flooding, Messrs. Watson Hawksley International pvt.

Ltd in association with Messre. Particulars of Organization, Function and Duties. Power and Duties of Officers and Employees. The total cost of improvement suggested by the consultant was Rs. However in the last 10 years due to shortage of funds, the works amounting to Rs.


The cost of balance work with the prices of is Rs. These balance work will be carried out in the next 3 years in phases.

Accordingly, 20 works of Phase-I are in progress and they are likely to be completed by December The 21 tenders for 27 works out of 37 works in Phase-II are invited and some works are in progress. After completion of the works substantial relief from flooding will be achieved to the city. More About Storm Water Drains: For more detailed manuals, please visit MCGM’s official website http: Maharashtra Abhiyantriki Seva Mahasangha.