June 27, 2020

The ID for this command is specified as chunkID. For example, a single chunk could be the atoms in a molecule or atoms in a spatial bin. See the “compute. Assets will be put into this Chunk ID specifically, if set to something other than Because the map has no Chunk ID of its own, the chunking process will use the :/Game/Maps/Highrise”,Rules=(Priority=-1,ChunkId=2,CookRule=Unknown)).

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The inflated stream is intented to be read as a sequence of “rows”, boookid which the caller knows the lengths not necessary equal and number.

This class can work in sync polled mode or async callback mode. But bookidd callback mode the method processRowCallback must be overriden See IdatSetwhich is mostly used and has a slightly simpler use. See DeflatedChunkSetTest for example of use. Must return byes of next row, for next callback. We can make our own internal changes and checks. It’s still not terminated, it will accept more IDAT chunks, but will ignore them.


Cooking and Chunking

This corresponds to the raw numeration of rows as seen by the deflater. Not the same as the real image row, if interlaced.

In this state, all relevant data has been uncompressed and retrieved exceptionally, the reading has ended prematurely. Feeds the inflater with the compressed bytes In poll mode, the caller should not call repeatedly this, without consuming first, booikd isDataReadyForConsumer. Callback, to be implemented in callbackMode This will be called once to notify state done.

The effective length is given by getRowFilled.

DeflatedChunksSet (PNGJ SNAPSHOT API)

Should be called after the previous row was processed Pass 0 or negative to signal that we bkokid done not expecting more bytes This resets rowfilled The. In this state, the object is waiting for more input to deflate. Only in this state it’s legal to feed this.

In this state, the object is bookid the caller to retrieve inflated data Effective length: This will be called by the owner to report us the next chunk to come. This returns true if we acknowledge the next chunk as part of this set. This should be called when discarding this object, or for aborting.


Secure, idempotent Don’t use this just boookid notify this object that it has no more work to do, see done. Forces the DONE state, this object won’t uncompress more data.

Target size of the current row, including filter byte. Get current last row number.