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Home · Documents; Desarrollo de Vellosidades BIOPSIA DE VELLOSIDADES CORIONICAS ELABORADO POR: LUZ CLARENA CANO. extraido de muestras del producto de la concepcion obtenidas por procedimientos invasivos tales como: biopsia de vellosidades corionicas, amniocentesis y. biopsia vellosidades corionicas pdf reader. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for biopsia vellosidades corionicas pdf reader. Will be.

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Br J Nutr 65, Gastroenteritis virales Afectan al intestino delgado revestimiento epitelial y vellosidades. From day 1 onwards lights were on from Van Beers-Schreurs H The changes in the function of the large intestine of weaned pigs. For all data combined, feed intake as a function of days post-weaning was plotted in the form of a box-whisker graph and as means.

BRSD 11; n 6 on day 0, n 18 ona,bdoses into the fistula was found to increase the crypt cell production rate of both small and large intestine in a dose-dependent manner Sakata, Glucose is an energy source for epithelial cells Malletet al.

These periodic acid Schiff-stained sections were subsequently used to deter- mine crypt depth mm and villus length mm. A jejunal segment was taken at 05 m distal to the ligament of Treitz proximal jejunum and a second segment at 35 m distal of this ligament mid-jejunum.

It was hypothesised that lactose in the weaner diet would preserve villus length. Ly J Studies of the digestibility of pigs fed dietary sucrose, fructose or glucose.

biopsia vellosidades corionicas pdf reader

To study the effect of carbohydrate source on small-intestinal architecture independently of feed intake, the piglets were offered a predetermined maxi- vellosieades amount of feed. La discrepancia entre los resultados de los cultivos a corto y largo plazo, como sucedio en este caso, es muy rara y plantea la necesidad de examenes adicionales, en nuestro caso, una cordocentesis.


The diets were supplied to weanling piglets and their villus height and crypt depth were measured on 3 and 10 d post-weaning. Significance was assigned at P, ; biopska were assigned atP, Aresidual standard deviation RSD 12; n 12 for days 3 and 10 post-weaning combined.

Desarrollo de Vellosidades

CVS can be done as early as the eighth or ninth week of pregnancy, and the results are usually known within a week. The repeated measures procedure of the general linear model indicated an effect of site P, and an interaction between site and day of dissection P, No todos los pacientes afectos de cncer presen-tan el mismo grado de malnutricin, ni por la in- Documents. La placenta est formada por vellosidades corinicas Documents.

Plasma was stored in the freezer 2 C until analysis. The repeated measures option of the general linear model procedure was used to analyse differences betweenpH in the different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. On the day of weaning day vellosidsdesdissec- tion was performed on a group of six piglets. Anim Feed Sci Technol 93, Am J Vellksidades, C C Mean gestational age in the first cordocentesis was It was hypothesised that lactose consumption would ameliorate the weaning-induced decrease in gut integrity.

Desarrollo de Software Internet. It has been suggested that the level of Hp inthe blood might be used as a tool to evaluate the general health status and consequently the growth performancethe apparent lactose effect was mainly due to one pigletwith a villus length of mm on day 10 post-weaning,while villus height of the other five piglets of that experimental group ranged between and mm. AcknowledgementsThe authors are grateful to Dr J. The present study corro- borates earlier work in that feed intake rather than digesti- ble carbohydrate composition determines post-weaning growth performance and mucosal integrity in piglets.

Change the order vlelosidades display of the official languages of Ce English first French first Option to display the non-official languages Spanish or Portuguese Neither Spanish Biolsia Display definitions, contexts, etc. Between days 3 and 10 post-weaning, thegroup-mean increase in villus height for both the proximaland mid-small vellpsidades was greater in piglets fed the diet with lactose than in those fed the other diets.


The weaning transition is accompanied by low feed intake Leibbrandt et al. The groups differed in diet and day of dissection. Villus height was neither correlated with crypt biopisa, nor with feed intake, growth or faeces consistency.

The pH was not correlated with feed intake,growth and villus length. The piglets were given access to a maximum of dietary energy in order to prevent confounding between feed intake and villus architecture. Pasado, presente y futuro de la citogenetica en Costa Rica.

Muestra de Vellosidades Coriónicas

In conclusion, the present experiment rejects our hypoth- esis that dietary lactose, when compared with glucose andstarch, is beneficial for the weaning-induced compromise in small-intestinal integrity.

Biopsia del lecho placentario y de las vellosidades coriales en The percentage of days that a piglet had non-consistentfaeces i.

Hp levels were not correlated with feed intake, growth and villus height P. The role of the laboratory is to support cordocentesis procedures by offering technologies that minimize sample volumes and offer expedited turnaround times most often, but not limited to, hemoglobin and hematocrit measurements.

A midline laparotomy was performed. Res Vet Sci 55, 78 It can be hypothesised that lactose, being the main sugar in sows milk, has specific properties contributing to mucosal integrity in newly weaned piglets.