April 30, 2020

This book aims at providing further contributions inspired by Bion’s paper Attacks on Linking () by a distinguinshed group of scholars who have focused on. Editor’s Note: This paper was originally published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 40 (), pp. – The body of the text begins with Bion’s papers, Attacks on Linking, and Commentary on ‘Attacks on Linking’, on which the original chapters to.

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Without implying that in focusing upon attacks on linking Bion intended to deny or was oblivious to attacks on separating, I feel it is worth emphasizing that it is a mistake to identify psychopathology exclusively with the former, that is, with the totalization of difference de-linking that results in the antitheses that constitute splitting, for psychopathology equally results from attacks on separating, the totalization of similarity links that result in the absolute identifications that constitute various states of psychological merger.

She is a fellow and training and supervising analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society. Needless to say, the reason the terms “masculine” and “feminine” are placed in inverted commas is to indicate that the equations in which they figure belong to the Imaginary and Symbolic orders Lacan, International Journal of Psycho-Analysis When relative similarities are totalized into identities—and to cite but a few examples, women literally equated with castrated men, human motives with animal instincts, human selves with ceramic artifacts, or psychological dysfunctions with medical illnesses—the consequence is a psychic regression from the differentiated experience characteristic of the secondary process and the depressive position to the undifferentiation or fusion that characterises the primary process and the paranoid-schizoid position.


Out of the intercourse of two comes a third. Customers who bought this item also bought. These different visions reflect, in a creative way, facets of contemporary psychoanalysis. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Write a customer review. You may also like. Another merit of the book is to show us the originality with which psychoanalysts of different theoretical orientations take ownership of the ideas discussed.

Out of the creative mating of container and contained comes psychological growth and change—provided such coupling can be tolerated. I first addressed the respective biases toward linking and separating In “The Analyst’s Metaphors: This bias is likely motivated by unconscious fears of object loss, loss of love, castration, and superego condemnation, each of which in turn may threaten loss of self-cohesion.

Although, as Winnicott understood, it remains important to accomplish the transition from the merely subjective to the merely objective, it is in the transitional area that vitality and meaning may be found. These different visions reflect, in a creative way, facets of contemporary psychoanalysis.

Attacks on Linking Revisited: A New Look at Bion’s Classic Work by Catalina Bronstein

Emancipation from psychic enslavement by the myths of oneness and separateness in their varying degrees and manifestations requires a therapeutic process of demythologization or deliteralization in which “dead” or “dying” metaphors and contrasts are “resurrected” or “revived. Share your thoughts with other customers. She lectures in Britain and abroad, and has written numerous papers, chapters in books and monographs on a wide variety of topics.

Bion showed the theoretical importance of the concept of “attacks on linking” for understanding some symptoms in borderline patients.

Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Catalina BronsteinEditor: The Clinical Thinking of Wilfred Bion. The Freudian attacis of man’s eternal longing to “refind” Freud,the lost object of primary identification and re-establish the oceanic bliss or Nirvana of primary narcissism Freud,; Grunberger, is ob half the story: In so doing, they offer readers a profound and vital excursion into current Bion scholarship at the frontiers of contemporary psychoanalytic theory and technique.


Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. This volume brings together an outstanding group of international contributors who explore, contrast and expand upon both perspectives and their clinical implications. But while the fundamental anxieties motivate the various concretized associations, fixed aftacks and black and white thinking—the psychic rigidification or mental totalitarianism—that serve to defend against them, they do not merely give rise to defensive reification but are themselves manifestations of it.

Sign in to My Account. These biases are reflected in psychoanalytic attacks itself: Psychoanalytic Essaystrans.


The Restoration of the Self. Transitional objects and transitional phenomena—a study of the first not-me possession. Notes on some schizoid mechanisms, The writings of Melanie Klein Vol.

This book aims at limking further contributions inspired by Bion’s paper Attacks on Linking by a distinguinshed group of scholars who have focused on different aspects of his propositions. In marked contrast to the Bionian stress on the role of linking in human mentation, Laing envisions the mind as a process of de-linking or differentiating: