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Berikut adalah daftar dari paket belajar membuat aplikasi dengan delphi yang kami . 26, Delphi – Borland Kylix for Linux developer’s guide, NonLocal. The software to make this windows based program is Borland Delphi Abstract Terkadang tabrakan pada jadwal itu baru ditemukan ketika proses belajar. Delphi – Interbase Tutorial # 1: Borland Database Engine. Connecting Interbase pengen sih belajar ini tp aq g punya banyak waktu sob.

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Characterization of Watt, Shinano Kensi, Japan. Knowledge obtained from this characteristic test can be exploited in motor stepper application in the field of robotics, the appliance of las automatization and also the metal clippers equipment. Test characteristic was performed by using computer program Borland Delphi version 5. The result showed norland by using input delay time 10 ms, the quickest turn around frequency of the motor is 0. The longer delay time tend to make a rotation frequency became lower, it also mean the belajxr of motor became slower.


Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The amount of public places’s visitor data is very important. Usually we get it manually. AT the moment, video camera has been used for security. Therefor, the people counter software has been made using Normalized Sum-squared difference Belanar method that take differences the sum of frame fixel and background, squared it then normalized by detection window area.

The NSSD values that have been count then thresholded to detect the people occurance in detection window. This project is made using Borland Delphi 5.

Belajar Pemrograman Delphi 7

The succesness of this program depends on the right thresholding values. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Data jumlah pengunjung suatu tempat umum sangat penting. Data jumlah pengunjung biasanya didapat secara manual.

Saat ini kamera video telah diterapkan untuk kepentingan keamanan.


Karena itu dibuatlah program penghitung jumlah pengunjung dengan metode Normalized Sum-Squared Differences NSSD yang mengambil selisih jumlah pixel frame dan background dan dikuadratkan, dinormalisasi dengan luasan detection window.

Nilai NSSD yang didapat diseleksi dengan proses thresholding untuk mendeteksi keberadaan orang pada detection window. Penelitian ini dibuat dengan menggunakan Borland Delphi 5. Keberhasilan dari program ini sangat dipengaruhi oleh penentuan nilai threshold yang tepat. It consists of time projection chamber within a superconducting magnet coil surrounded by a ring-image Cherenkov counter.

Furthermore within the solenoid an electromagnetic calorimeter is located while outside the hadronic calorimeter is placed. Furthermore the data acquisition and filtering system is described. This is the first in a series of four articles which looks at the history and aspirations of each of these mighty collaborations. Full Text Available The design and implementation of a software used as a tool aid to crease a transportation model which is equipped with a fuzzy cost parameter by using genetic algorithm.

Waterfall methodology, which comprised of analyzing, designing, implementing and testing processes, was used in the software engneering. Belajjar way to deal with uncertainty in making such decision is by using fuzzy principles. The software is applied in the programming language environment of Borland Delphi.

The solution transportation problem can be solved by heuristic approach using genetic algorithm. The analysis of programme value shows that the process on evaluation case straight proportional with the result of the multiplication of the source of depot total and the destination depot corelation coefisien 0.

The analysis shows that the amount of population is straight linear to each of the case evaluation towards the process time with correlation coefisien 0. Telah dilakukan perancangan dan implementasi suatu perangkat lunak untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan transportasi dengan parameter biaya fuzzy, menggunakan algoritma genetika.

Perancangan perangkat lunak menggunakan metodologi Waterfall, yang terdiri dari analisa, desain, implementasi serta pengujian. Suatu cara untuk menangani ketidakpastian dalam pengambilan keputusan pada sistem transportasi tersebut menggunakan prinsip fuzzy.


Perangkat lunak diimplementasikan di lingkungan bahasa pemrograman Borland Delphi. Penyelesaian masalah transportasi dapat diselesaikan dengan pendekatan secara heuristik menggunakan algoritma genetika. Analisa hasil program menunjukkan bahwa waktu proses pada kasus uji berbanding bellajar dengan hasil kali jumlah depot sumber dan depot tujuan dengan koefisien korelasi drlphi.

Analisa juga menunjukkan bahwa banyaknya populasi adalah berbanding lurus atau linier untuk masing-masing kasus uji terhadap waktu proses dengan koefisien korelasi 0. The authors described the progress of the software development technologies and tools, the features and performances of Borland Delphi and a software development instance which is the Management Information System of Tank region storage and transportation control center for Zhenhai Refining and Chemical CO.

A Novel for High School Seniors: Hal Borland ‘s “When the Legends Die. Hal Borland ‘s “When the Legends Die” is especially appropriate for high school seniors because its central problem–a Ute Indian boy’s search for his identity and expected role in society–is exactly that faced by these students.

The novel is divided into four sections, each concerned with a specific stage in the development of the…. Full Text Available Disk is a very useful device to a computer to save data file. For that, is much needed to have a program that has a capability to represent, delpphi, and operate that files. There are many computer programs that used to present, navigate, and operate disk files in text form with a lot of facilities, but only a few programs that can represent files in a graphic form and have special feature, like capability to find the biggest files that use disk space.

This capability is very useful in disk file management. This software use split screen system method and tree map algorithm. Split screen system is used to navigate, where the monitor screen divided into two parts to visualize files in a disk, the small part map navigator visualize the whole content of a drive or directory and the big part visualize the detail of a part according delphk focus box in the map navigator.

A mouse can move focus box in the map navigator and the box size is the comparison between map navigator sizes with map view size. Tree map algorithm is used to calculate the size of box picture of the represented file. This algorithm needs a complete tree structure from a drive or directory that will be painted. The software to make this windows based program is Borland Delphi 5.

Disk merupakan alat yang sangat bermanfaat bagi sebuah sistem komputer untuk menyimpan data berupa file. Untuk itu sangat dibutuhkan program yang dapat delohi, menavigasi dan mengoperasikan file-file tersebut.

Banyak program komputer yang digunakan untuk merepresentasikan, menavigasi dan mengoperasikan file-file pada media penyimpanan disk dalam bentuk teks dengan berbagai macam fasilitas, tetapi sangat sedikit program yang merepresentasikan file-file dalam bentuk grafik atau secara visual serta mampu memberikan kelebihan-kelebihan tersendiri, seperti kemampuan untuk merepresentasikan file-file yang paling banyak menggunakan ruang media penyimpanan disk.

Intended to refresh the basics of Delphi as well as advance your knowledge to the next level, it is assumed you will know RAD studio and the Object Pascal language.

However, if you are not an experienced RAD studio programmer this accessible guide will still develop those initial crucial skills. The present collaboration consists of about physicists from 56 participating universities and institutes in 22 countries. It is also the key technique of system design. An example under the platform of Windows98 is also given. Curriculum Development Through Delphi. The basic Delphi methodology is outlined along with possible goals and objectives in a Delphi study.

The results of an actual case study in the use of the Delphi method for higher education curriculum development are reported, and attention is given to the problem of selecting participants for a Delphi exercise. Delphi Accounts Receivable Module. Department of Transportation dlphi Delphi accounts receivable module contains the following data elements, but are not limited to customer information, cash receipts, line of accounting details, bill Gas is ionised in belajag chamber as a charged particle passes through, producing an electric signal from which the path of the particle can be found.


An ethical Delphi is an iterative participatory process between experts for exchanging views and arguments on ethical issues. The method is structured around the notion of a virtual committee where the delpgi of ideas is conducted remotely through a series of opinion exchanges.

Delphi General Ledger. To improve tracking in the very forward direction for running at LEP, the angular acceptance of the DELPHI Vertex detector has been extended from 45 to 11 with respect to the beam axis.

Pixel detector crowns cover the region between 25 and Due to very tight space and bbelajar thickness constraints it was necessary delphj develop new techniques integrated busses in the detector substrate, high density layout on Kapton, etc. Techniques, tests and production of these detectors will be described, as well as the main problems encountered during this work. The silicon tracking detector was nearest to the collision point in the centre of the detector.

It was used to pinpoint the collision and catch short-lived particles. Its topology is compatible with what is expected from the associated production of a Z boson and Higgs boson of mass GeV that each decay into two jets. A different pairing of the jets could lead to an interpretation compatible with the production of two Z bosons.

Seiring dengan semakin belajxr penggunaan Bellajar pada berbagai layanan di internet, yang penyebaran informasinya sebagian besar menggunakan infrastruktur jaringan umum, maka mulai muncul permasalahan mengenai kebutuhan akan keamanan data bagi informasi yang terkandung didalam sebuah dokumen XML. Salah satu caranya adalah dengan boralnd teknologi XML Enc. Pada makalah ini akan dibahas mengenai cara menggunakan XML Enc menggunakan bahasa pemrograman java, khususnya menyandikan dokumen XML enk Department of Transportation — Delphi FND Application Object Library contains the following data elements, but are not limited to temporary data tables for the logged in session, information about Full Text Available Setelah melakukan penelitian dan percobaan maka didapatkan hasil penelitian pertama yang telah dilakukan dengan menggunakan Algoritma Neural Network Backpropagatioan dengan menggunakan data sebanyak menunjungkan tingkat delphk error prediksi pada waktu prediksi per 5 menit sebesar 0.

Tahap awal dalam melakukan penelitian ini sampai dengan pengujian menggunakan perhitungan prediksi nilai akurasi error menggunakan rumus MSE Mean Sequare Error dengan menggunakan algoritma optimasi adaboost untuk memberikan jawaban atas permasalahan bahwa nilai akurasi error Algoritma Neural Network Backpropagation perlu direndahkan agar akurasi prediksi meningkat dan tahap kedua dilakukan uji coba menggunakan data yang lebih banyak dibandingan dengan tahap ke satu.

The 73 readout strips, oriented along the beam, have a total active area of 0. On-line zero suppression results in an average data size of 4 kbyte for Z 0 events. The stability during the run is monitored using light spots and capacitive probes.

An analysis of tracks through sector overlaps provides an additional check of the stability. Full Text Available Media Informasi secara tradisional telah kita kenai dengan menggunakan koran, televisi, radio dan buku referensi.

Media delphii tersebut untuk penyebarannya memerlukan penunjang agar informasi tersebut dapat disebarkan secara lutis. Selain penggunaan media tradisional tersebut penyebaran informasi dengan menggunakan jaringan komputer Internet juga berkembang. Salah satu cara penyebaran informasi dengan menggunakan aplikasi WWW World Wide Web yang mempunyai kemampuan menggabungkan gambar, text dan suara secara interaktif.

Pada tulisan ini akan dibahas tentang kemampuan, penggunaan dan pengembangan server WWW. The Delphi Technique in Educational Research. Full Text Available The Delphi Technique has been useful in educational settings in forming guidelines, standards, and in predicting trends. Judd lists these major uses of the Delphi Technique in higher education: The thorough Delphi researcher seeks to reconcile the Delphi consensus with current literature, institutional research, and the campus environment.

This triangle forms a sound base for responsible research practice.