May 15, 2020

According to this version, von Sebottendorff moved back to Egypt, where he . [5] Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the Gurdjeff disciple Karl. Secret Practices of the Sufi Freemasons: The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy [Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D.] on. Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf Yaşamının yarısı Türkiye’de geçen ve Türk vatandaşı olan Sebottendorf, Birinci Dünya Savaşında bir süre.

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Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf

In Germany sinceit forms part of family names. Portrait from frontispiece, Bevor Hitler kam: The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy.

Sebottendorffexpelled from Germany in as an undesirable alien, returned in Yet this facade of occult study hid a counter-revolutionary activism of stockpiled weapons; schemes to kidnap the Communist leader, Kurt Eisner ; infiltration of spies into the Communist cadres; and the Kampfbund Thule paramilitary group.

Now beside the belief there is something else that makes it equally possible for a person to yield to his fate; it is no longer faith but knowledge–knowledge of the divine laws. He was a Freemason, a Sufi of the Bektashi order – after his conversion to Islam – and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy.

Glauer was initially interested in Theosophy and Freemasonry. He appears to have worked as a technician in Egypt between —, although according to his own account he spent less than a month there in after a short career as a merchant sailor.

He was a Freemason[1] a Sufi of the Bektashi order – after his conversion to Islam [2] – and a practitioner of meditationastrologynumerologyand alchemy. One of the books that Glauer inherited from Termudi featured a note from Hussein Pasha, which peaked his interest in the Sufi Bektashi Orderin regards to their alchemical and numerological practices. Thus ALM is supposed to mean: Sebottendorf fled Germany for Switzerland and then Turkey.

Rudolf Glandeck von Sebottendorff

Also termed the Thule-Bund. The key to the understanding of alchemy”and then, inDer Talisman des Rosenkreuzersa semi-autobiographical novel debottendorf is the main source for his earlier life see: Sebottendorff resigned from the group in June of By April 1,the DAP had been reconstituted as the Nazi Partyand Glauer, who was accused of negligence sebtotendorf allegedly allowing the names of several key Thule Society members to fall into the hands of the Communists, resulting in the execution of seven members after the attack on the Munich government in Aprilhad fled Germany for Switzerland and then Turkey.


In his autobiographical novel Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers The Rosicrucian Talismanhe made a clear distinction between Turkish Freemasonry and regular Freemasonry: His German handler, Herbert Rittlinger, later described him as a “useless” agent eine Nullbut kept him on largely, it seems, because of an affection for “this strange, by then penniless man, whose history he did not know, who pretended enthusiasm for the Nazi cause and admiration for the SS but who in reality seemed little interested in either, much preferring to talk about Tibetans”.

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Stein and Day, NY. Inner Fudolf January Length: But the sign of the true believer will consistently be that he does not ask for release from the burden, but rather for the strength to be able to bear it. When the lesson was over the hermit gave him a metallic plate upon which were engraved formulas, the meaning of which the then thirty-year-old Prophet had just learned.

How the Prophet himself came into possession of this knowledge is recounted in the form of the following legend. Later, the self-proclaimed German rocket engineer, Willy Leyin wrote an rudolg for a pulp fantasy magazine ridiculing pseudoscience in Germany, which he claimed included a Berlin sect attempting to conjure up the mysterious vril force described by British novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his The Coming Race In what follows we will concern ourselves with this path.

Glauer was introduced to occultism and esoteric concerns when he was living in BursaTurkey. He used the alias Sebottendorf because he claimed that he had been adopted by the Sebottendorf family and had a claim to the title of count. In that year, however, he came into contact with the Germanenorden, and was subsequently appointed the Ordensmeister local group leader for the Bavaria division of the schismatic Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail.

He appears to have worked as a technician in Egypt between —, although according to his own account he spent less than a month there in after a short career as a merchant sailor. I say to you plainly that this book has been written on the instructions of the leaders of the Order. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library.

In July of that year he travelled to Turkey, where he settled in and worked as an engineer on a large estate there. Chapel River Press, December ]. Grassinger [Hans Georg Grassinger], While the founder of the Thule Society, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, was certainly interested in the occult, a detailed diary of its regular meetings from to maintained by its secretary, Johannes Hering, mentions only two lectures on such topics.


Rudolf von Sebottendorf

Sebottendorf was arrested, but somehow escaped presumably due to some friendship from his Munich days and in returned to Turkey. By he had returned to Dresden where he married Klara Voss, but the couple divorced in Drexler was instrumental in merging the Thule Society with a workers’ party that he was involved with.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Ravenscroft saw a link between the Thule and such early “fringe freemasons” as Robert Wentworth Little, but his research standards are demonstrated when, among other errors, he identifies Dietrich Eckart as being Rudolf Glauer.

Hitler never attended a single meeting of the Thule Society. See Simon Taylor, Germany Badon Schwartzwaller, The Unknown Hitler. Occult and sebottensorf influences Glauer was initially interested in Theosophy and Freemasonry.

Mavi Boncuk: The Stange Case of Rudolf von Sebottendorf

He travelled to Turkey inwhere he was adopted by Baron Heinrich von Sebottendorff inand also claimed to have been initiated into Freemasonry. The first is that Adolph Hitler and the Nazis were driven by an occult agenda; that their early success, and ultimate failure, was a result of either supernatural intervention, or their magical attempts to control the supernatural. The one who knows no longer fulfills this law blindly but rather knowingly. The highest form of knowledge will always lead the wise to yield to Divine Providence without complaint–that is, to Islam through knowledge.

Glauer was deeply influenced by Sufi mysticism, other Eastern philosophies, and in particular, the writings of Madame Blavatsky. Thule agents infiltrated armed formations of the Communist Party in Munich and plotted to destroy the party, hatching plans to kidnap the party’s leader, Kurt Eisner, and launching an attack against Munich’s Communist government on April 30,