April 30, 2020

With more than 20 years of extensive experience in long-term archiving of medical image data, aycan offers aycan universal archive, a vendor-neutral archiving. Several features/plug-ins have been added to aycan’s OsiriX PRO workstation to significantly expand its functionality. The new features will be showcased at. Die aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH ist ein modernes und innovatives System- und Softwarehaus in der Medizintechnikbranche. DICOM Print, DICOM Printer.

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Home Dennis van Keken T The result of your search will be displayed as a list of studies. A dedicated and qualified technical team is there to help resolve any issues that may arise with an aycan solution.

Aycan OsiriX PRO Workstation Expands Functionality | Imaging Technology News

Advanced hanging protocols, optimized for mammography workflow, ensure a fast and consistent reading of studies. Advanced hanging protocols, optimized for mammography workflow, ensure a fast and consistent reading of studies. Sigmoid Nuclear medicine OsiriX PRO handles the drastically increasing number of images produced in nuclear medicine in a ksirix and reliable way, offering various postprocessing tools for display such as: With aycan workstationdentists and orthodontists can reformat CT and MRI studies to provide a clear picture for their patients, e.

The first and the last slice of the series is displayed with a yellow line. Designed for the easy, fast, and aaycan transfer of DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to on-call and other radiologists and referring physicians with an iPad.

For information on older versions please contact our service. Then press the Send icon, located on the upper right position in the toolbar. Get Clear Results aycan mammography workstation Advanced osigix protocols, optimized for mammography workflow, ensure a fast and consistent reading of studies.

Operates stand-alone or in concert with others for single or multi-user operation. What Our Customers Are Saying.


Everyone at aycan is committed to improving patient care, while increasing productivity, and driving down costs. Simply add a word in the “Add as Physicians review shared data via the smartvisit dashboard, where they also create the initial patient profile.

New Version Of The PACS Viewer Aycan OsiriX PRO Available

You can either display a unique viewer or two viewers on the screen. When you sync your device with iTunes, the reports are copied to your computer to the following folder:. Read from Anywhere aycan universal thin client viewer An FDA-cleared medical device that can be used for primary diagnosis or review purposes, the aycan universal thin client viewer ensures a prompt and reliable way to search, view, and analyze medical images, signals, and video files on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Start benefiting from easy, fast, and secure transfer of images from just about anywhere with aycan mobile. If you experience crashes with OsiriX HD on your iOS device, you can help us solve those issues by sending us your crash reports.

If two views are displayed see 2nd vieweryou have to drag and drop the thumbnail to change the content of the second viewer.

aycan Medical Systems

Easy Post Processing aycan workstation. Implicit VR Little Endian 1. Because aycan is vendor neutral, you can expect to receive the best solution to meet your needs at a cost you can afford. To delete a preset, tap the “Edit” button in the upper right corner.

It combines ease-of-use, such as a narrow bezel design to help your eyes swiftly move from one monitor to another, with new functions to help you focus on your work and ajcan high performance. Support breast tomosynthesis objects. This includes working with other third party vendors as necessary. Working from osirixx remote location is easy, fast, and secure.

Using that scheme you can launch this app from a web browser or from another application on the device. You can then press on it to apply it. If the series are from the same study, and if the 3D references are available in the DICOM files, the cross reference lines are displayed: Our Service is the Difference. This tool is selected by default.


This list contains all the contacts friends, partners you approved. More informations about iOS File Sharing is available here. For the WADO protocol, the default stored syntax original syntax will be used. Which date and time is used for SC images created with aycan workstation?

Native Apple Mac thick-client software. Get clear results with aycan mammography workstation. Display and synchronization of two image series. It has received FDA k clearance for breast tomosynthesis, mammography and general radiography from the U.

By pressing on this icon, a list aucan all series and studies osjrix for the current patient is displayed.

Tapping on the orientation button allows you to change the orientation of the series. Learn how this is easily done and all the benefits of using a Mac over a PC for post processing. Learn more at www. Image NOT at full resolution. What is a Contact List? Improved communications with referring physicians and ayan. You can either press on a thumbnail or drag and drop the thumbnail on the view where you want to display the series.

In fact, aycan continually develops certified clinical and workflow plug-ins to further enhance osriix workstation’s possibilities. A full list of plug-ins with FDA clearance and CE Marking are listed on the back page and under each of the following sections as appropriate.

Once you get your Mac on the list, select it and you will be able to remotely browse the content of its Osirid database and transfer images that you need.