May 4, 2020

Plot Summary: A collection of three classic Japanese horror stories: “Yotsuya Kaidan,” the story of a wife betrayed by her husband who seeks vengeance even in. Death has nine lives In the Edo era of Japan, as cultural arts, modern science, and technology flourished, so too did the practice of mystical arts, as humanity. Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales (or Ayakashi: Classic Japanese Horror) is a original anime, retelling classic Japanese Horror stories and Yokai to share .

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Iemon then orders his servant Takuetsu to kill Oiwa after having his way with her, however she commits suicide when she learns of Iemon’s treachery.

Nanboku Tsuruya 4 episodes, The series also aired on Animax. Tamaki was not a pampered, willing mistress, but a caged and abused and prisoner.

He orders the castle destroyed and Zushonosuke returns to it to warn Tomi just before Lord Harima’s attack. Kusuriuri’s devices detect the presence of the demon, and Lady Mizue becomes unhinged after grieving over he dead daughter, Mao. Russell Wait Animax dub.

Ayakashi – Samurai Horror Tales

Dennis Hrehoriac Casting Director: Megumi Satou eps Emmanuel Dekoninck as Kokichi. Nathalie Stas as Sato. Michel Gervais as Samon Yoshiyuki. Kusuriuri, a wandering medicine peddler, arrives at the house of the Sakai Clan, but he senses something is not right.


Audrey D’Hulstere as Tomihime. Learn more More Like This. He accepts medicine for Oiwa from Itou Kihei, a local ayakashii man, however it is a drug provided by Itou’s beautiful granddaughter Oume that disfigures Oiwa.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Russell Wait as Medicine Seller Bakeneko – animax dub. He says he kept her as his willing mistress, but she died young.

Yoko Soumi as Mizue Sakai Bakeneko. Revelations abound samuraai this action-packed volume that turns expectations about both wamurai villains and heroes upside-down. Eden of the East Compilation: Iemon becomes disenchanted with Oiwa after the birth of their child and he feels the burden of their poverty.

Ayakashi – Samurai Horror Tales (TV)

Eiji Takemoto as Sasaoka Bakeneko. Iemon Tamiya 4 episodes, Michael Dobson How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Fine Ken Kramer as Katsuyama Bakeneko. Philippe Tasquin as Naosuke. Ginko enlists the help of the villagers to solve the mystery of the shadow before it destroys their crops. In ancient times, people revered these bizarre Katsuyama 2 episodes, Jean-Paul Clerbois as Genshiro.

As the year’s disc releases fizzle out, Paul runs down some of ‘s most notable moments in Shelf Life, and some of the most interesting anime our team has reviewed! Burning Night following in Megumi Satou 4 episodes eps 4, 8, 10, 12 Key Animation: As the family cross the threshold to samirai the wedding escort, Mao dies mysteriously.


NA Geneon Universal Entertainment. Antonia Shevloff Animax dub. Buyuu ep 3 Kagura eps 1, M. Having said that, here’s the actual review: Dominique Wagner as Osode Yotsuya. Start your free trial. Yami shibai TV Series Kurozuka TV Mini-Series Tsuruya Nanboku 4 episodes, Willow Johnson Zushonosuke Himekawa 4 episodes, Nicole Oliver Buyuu eps11 Office AO ep 7 Rikuentai ep Medicine Peddler 3 episodes, Andrew Kavadas Game Reviews Columns incl.

Ayakashi – Samurai Horror Tales (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

Animax Asia iaTV Casting: Horng En Culture Chinese Taiwan cast none. To save talse from disgrace and to clear their debts, Master Yoshiaki Sakai and wife Lady Mizue accepted money for their daughter Mao to marry the impotent head of the Shiono Clan. Sasaoka 3 episodes, Terry Klassen Nick Creamer has the details.