May 7, 2020

Astron DC power supplies are made of heavy duty, high quality materials Find Astron Power Supplies RSA and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over. Buy Astron Original RSA Power Supply, Linear, Regulated, 20A Peak, 16A Continuous, Output: Vdc, Input: V: Internal Power Supplies. ASTRON RSA 11 – 15 Volts Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 16 Amps Cont 20 Amps ICS.

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Astron Corporation RS-20A-BB

I had the case off and it didn’t look like anything was blown or burnt up. Every one of them has been When a fuse blows, my first thought is one aetron the rectifiers shorted, second thought is the crowbar shorted, third thought is the filter capacitor shorted, and everything else falls in after that. Firing the crowbar can damage the power supply, but the idea is that the power supply has already failed so why worry about further damage?

Finally, the Astron is the easiest power supply I have ever had to repair. Contact the site with comments or questions. And I can tell something is burned up because I smelled it Skip to rs2a content.


Astron Corporation manufactures full line of reliable DC power supplies astrln the needs of consumer and professional users. The power supply was barely keeping up. After replacing it, and the LM regulator IC for good measure no problems whatsoever. Well something I did changed everything In doing so, he fried the crowbar circuit which was trying to protect his radio when the pass transistors shorted.

Astron RS-20A Blowing fuses

Luckily, the schematic diagrams are supplied by Astron and there’s nothing complicated in their linear power supplies like the RS It is possible that when you transmitted, RF got into the RS causing the output voltage to rise to the point where the crowbar fired.

Astron power supply part number example: A trailing “-E” indicates a Euro 3-conductor power cord option. Patent and other rights reserved. I highly recommend the RSA.

Astron RSA: Radio Communication | eBay

The sleeve is sized so a mobile radio slides in and snugly fits into it. Register for a free QRZ account.


If these steps tested OK the regulator has probably failed. I was going to put a voltmeter in it but since its on the floor and out of astrno, I figured why bother. Continuous duty current 7.

The reason I only gave a My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Three conductor power cor Astrons are very reliable, but stuff happens.

What is “SCR in r20a crowbar”?

I think its the diode between the big cap. For me Astron is one of the best there is period!

Now as I said, I am still green and learning. I’d open up the case and first look for something obviously blown. Astron RSM 20A I have always had terrific service from Astron and this power supply is no different.

This package is offered on the larger power supplies. Some say the 20 series power supplies is a 16 amp power supply and for CSS duty they are correct.