May 22, 2020

Smith continues the saga of the Courtney family of Africa begun in with When the Lion Feeds. In this installment, Leon Courtney, ladies’. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel. Now, in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set. Assegai (Courtney Family Adventures) [Wilbur Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the.

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Leon finds himself falling for von Meerbach’s beautiful smitj but never forgets that his real mission is to destroy the enemy. But how easy will he find his task when his true enemy is closer to home than Leon ever expected? He finds himself left alone to frustrate von Meerbach’s plan, and in grave peril as he learns more about the enigmatic Eva.

Assegai | Book by Wilbur Smith | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

To say the least, Leon Courtney is hard to believe, as is his love, the extraordinary young woman whom we first meet as Eva von Wellberg. Assegai Courtney 13 by Wilbur Smith. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Leon Courtney is the protagonist in this Assegai, number thirteen in the Courtney family series. Sorry I cannot quote the lines that appalled me.

Leon uses his contacts among the Maasai – gained from saving Manyoro’s life – to establish a secret information and communications network between Nairobi and German East Africa, while Manyoro and Loikot, a young Maasai who had assisted Leon during his recovery, serve as his trackers. I listened to the audiobook. Jul 04, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: The word corny is not so sophisticated but it fits. The bear scene is like a gentle pat on your cheek compared to the man-to-animal adsegai in Assegai.


See more by Wilbur Smith.

The Courtney Series: The Assegai Trilogy Books by Wilbur Smith from Simon & Schuster

Overall it was a slow but good enough read and I am hopping that Saffron will absolve Leon’s story in the sequels. I will be definitely looking into the other books of this series by this author. Something to look out for in the second hand book Ah, Wilbur Wilbu is one of those writers I have avoided for some reason. Retrieved from ” https: He was drawn to the wilderness. However, once The Graf set foot ashore I knew things had taken a turn and I can strap in for some entertaining smitj.

He brought Africa to life for me. His books are now translated into twenty-six languages and have sold over million copies. Hardcoverpages. Yes, hunting with big rifles was kind of cowardly even back then, but a big lion running at you is still a big lion running at you, whether you’re armed with a asseyai or not, and after you miss a couple wilur shots, my guess is your adrenaline kicks in have you seen the movie “The revenant”?

Courtney carries Manyoro for 3 days to a mountain fortress where Manyoro’s mother lives.

At least we are told he is. She is, of course, a paragon of beauty, grace, intelligence, cunning, and athletic ability both in and out of bed. Anyone who doubts this need merely watch combat footage and see how people smmith with High Caliber weapons respond. On Leopard Rock The period setting and idea is good WW1 and devious goings on in darkest Africa between the Germans and some renegade south Africans.


The Courtney Series: The Assegai Trilogy

It is a love story, but not a mushy one. Refresh dilbur try again. This fell in to my hands and I devoured it. My book club generally liked the book with agreement that the historical setting, pre world war I in East Africa, was interesting — especially the author’s insight into the Masai and their knowledge of the wildlife.

Cut the crap Wilbur, this is historical fiction not Marvel The prose was bland, no climax I assume the author included the last two pages as its peakand not much information narrated like Mr.

I ended up wishing they’d all blow up in a giant zeppelin disaster by the last few chapters. Wilbur Smith has enthralled me in the past. I am grateful those days are over. All in all, a genuine, stylish, well written historic novel with lots of adventure, incredibly well-researched details, and an exciting plot to hold on to until the end. I just don’t need to read about it smack in the middle of a great adventure.

Book 1 of The Courtney Series: Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide.