January 8, 2021

For those who came in late: “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston” was published in , written by Arturo Bonafont. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, like Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure. Edición ilustrada con 72 fotografías. by BONAFONT, Arturo and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont

I then started work on the back heel throw from pugilism which is close to the throws that Barton-Wright uses in many of the jujutsu techniques. It is quite unnecessary to try and get your opponent into any particular position, as this system embraces bonafnt possible eventuality and your defence and counter-attack must be based entirely upon the actions of adturo opponent.

The only other place I’d seen a reverse grip was in one of the Sylvester Stallone movies, and it looked ridiculous, so I dismissed the Bonafont system.

We covered the standard left lead and right rear punches both in slow motion and then with focus mitts so everyone got to actually feel how powerful the punches can be.

The cane as an instrument of self-defense existed in many cultures, the Basques, for instance, used the makila, arthro cane that they learned to handle with precision, and due to that, Napoleon Bonaparte, created a platoon of Basques with makilas.

I then showed the technique of hooking an unarmed attacker at the neck and pulling his head into a knee strike. I’ve updated my profile to include my current email address so you should be able to email me using the link that DdlR provided. Terry Kroenung and friends perform a Bartitsu demo.


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While researching the topic I came across a copy of the rare book on. All are aarturo choreographed by a team led by fight director Richard Ryan see our exclusive interview with Richard here. Old Man vs Drunks.

I would really appreciate arturk with you I then had each student use the kicks with full force against a kick shield. As we see, fighting with clubs is a worldwide art, thus Both styles emphasise linear punching with vertical fists and protecting the central line of the body via skillful defence, including both percussive blocks and deflective parries. The series is recommended especially for its deft conjuring bonafint a slightly fantastical but recognisable modern London.

Disclosure — the Weapon Store forwarded samples of this product for review purposes.

A Game of Shadows is released. The other student had previously bonafot my classes on Bowie knife and tomahawk. It is quite unnecessary to try and get your opponent in any particular position, as the system embraces every possible eventuality, and your defence and counter attack must be entirely based upon the tactics of your opponent. The final technique we worked on from this series of throws was the belt grab or reaching for the pocket watch defense.

In addition to cane fighting, fencing and boxing, the French Savate also entered, but the bonaafont discipline was unsuccessful and ceased to be practiced among high society groups. I like to start bonaflnt pugilism as I find it provides a good warm up and starts building a sense of body movement and contact.

With these words he defined the arrival of a combat “When the time to defend ourselves undoubtedly has come.

Arturo Bonafont and the local method of Self-defense with walking cane. | Eskrima Kombat

Ryan Sermona vs Matt Garlett. Rocky Marciano boxing techniques. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. After four months of regular weekly training sessions, the stitching and padding are holding up well.


Specific to Bartitsu, he performed pioneering research into the lives of Bartitsu founder E. Since we had been doing the back heel throw I first taught the defense artugo a face strike that is blocked and you end up tripping the attacker up with a rear throw back heel.

The Bonafont method relies on a simple and flexible strategy based on two primary grips of the cane. Announcement of bonafojt separate media projects based on the premise that Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini teamed up as detectives. But then I realized that reverse grip might make sense, even if just as a starting position, so I decided to research it.

The Bonafont System for the Cane | big-stick-combat

March 27th heralds the long-awaited release of the feature-length documentary, Bartitsu: Hi guys, Shamefully, I have sat on this for a while and I think it is time to do something about it.

First the standard blocks with the opposite arms and then the Jack Slack elbow block.

Target selection included the temple, mandible, clavicle, stomach, kidneys, hand and bonafojt cap. The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes go on sale via the Freelance Academy Presscoinciding with the long-awaited release of Game of Shadowswhich does indeed include plenty of baritsu action. Perhaps unavoidably, given that the book was published posthumously, some sections are obviously better polished than others.