AR 608-10 PDF

AR 608-10 PDF


May 8, 2020

AR – Child Development Services. This mandated revision, dated 11 May — o Updates administering medication and performing caregiving health. Purpose This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for establishing and operating Army Child Development Services (CDS). The format of this regulation . Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering

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Health and Nutrition Compliance Requirements, page Sample format for patron statement of understanding regarding child care resource and referral service, page The installation CDS coordinator will provide a summary of the actual day—to—day need for child care as documented by this form.

An SOP will be developed which addresses care of children who remain after closing hours when no previous ar. Visual supervision of all children must be maintained at aar times.

Toxic Plant Listing, page Records will ae on file as long as a child is enrolled. CDS parent advisory boards will include parental representation which reflects the mix of program services and. Table 5 — 2. Water supply procedures are as follows:.

Parents must supply an extra set of clothing for emergency use for infants and toddlers in hourly care and children of all ages enrolled in full—day care.

Meals should be served in a leisurely manner, with time allowed for conversation.

Required readings and videos will be read or viewed in center—based qr during daily child nap and rest periods. Copies of appraisals, awards and promotions, and grievance actions.

The increase in fee ranges may not exceed the percentage amount of the COLA. All CDS personnel, will be in good health as evidenced by the pre-employment physical.

AR 608-10 Child Development Services (Update)

Prevention, response to, and identification and reporting of child abuse, including allegations within CDC settings. FCC fire prevention compliance requirements.


Most private child care operations do not provide care for infants or toddlers, have no hourly services, and have waiting lists for vacancies. Training will be conducted as follows:.

Planning time for part—day personnel should be included when 608–10 the rates. Table 5 — 2: Television viewing is not appropriate for infants or toddlers. CDC management personnel will make quarterly unannounced observations a all CDC caregiving and support per. Prior to the end of the calendar year, parents will be notified in writing of the advantage of submitting their child care tax deduction and of the center procedures for obtaining necessary documentation.

The physical examination will be completed once upon admission, and the form update and initialed annually by the parent.

AR Child Development Services (Update) :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Examples of authorized duties include—. Semi—annual conferences with 608-1 of children attending the programs on a regular basis. Prior to qr or provision of care. All programs applicable under this regulation will be monitored through unannounced, on—site inspections by higher headquarters to ensure compliance with DOD standards for child care programs and Army CDS program and facility standards.

Notification of medical emergency. Infant formula will be provided in bottles containing a single serving. Hourly care services will include program provisions for infant, toddler, preschool—age, and school—age children where demand exists.

CDS is a network of child care delivery systems through which the Army provides quality child development options that reduce the conflict between parental responsibilities and unit mission requirements. The form will be update annually. Conscious efforts will be made to notify a parent prior to such action. One credit hour in classroom environment assessment workshop and four credit hours classroom environment assessment.

The FCC APF subsidy is the differential between the true cost of child care and that portion of the costs passed on to the patron as a fee. APF personnel, services, and supplies where specified, should be provided first. Requests for accommodation that require CYS Services staff and Family 6088-10 Care providers to perform functions that necessitate extensive medical knowledge; are considered medical intervention therapy; or if improperly performed, have a high medical risk must be approved by the ACSIM, in consultation with The Army Surgeon General, prior to implementation.


FCC providers will be encouraged to use substitutes during times of stress or extra family demands which might. Enforcement of ratios and group sizes.

CDS qr designed to assist commanders in fulfilling their morale and welfare responsibilities to soldiers and their families. The format of this regulation is as follows:. The center director will establish and enforce procedures to ensure implementation of CDS inter. Children in CDS programs for the evening hours but who do not qr the whole night will be allowed to sleep, if needed.

Such practices may include, but are not limited to, administering medications in addition to those discussed in paragraph 4—32c below; using hand held or powered nebulizers; performing clean intermittent catheterization of the bladder and gastrostomy tube feedings; or providing assistance with self—care for medical conditions. The touch policy will be accessible to all CDS employees and FCC 60-810, be incorporated into orientation training, and will be available in written form for CDS parents.

AR Child Development Services

CDS program compliance and oversight. Program director responsibilities include—. Help each child feel accepted in the group, learn to communicate and get along with others, and encourage feelings. Recordkeeping Requirements, page CDC and school—age care fees.