August 29, 2020

In an evaporator handling an aqueous salt solution, the overall coefficient U (kW/ m2 deg K) is .. these. Figure shows the flow and plate arrangement of an APV falling-film plate .. MINTON, P. E.: Handbook of Evaporation Technology. This Handbook describes the many types of evaporators and operating options manufacturing capabilities of companies within the APV Group. oncentration. This handbook describes the paraflow and its operating principle, The paraflow is the original plate type heat exchanger designed by APV to provide.

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Click here for more pictures Click here for more details on the rotary coil 1, Click here for Evaporator Drawings 1, Click here for Evaporator Manual Click here for more information Click here for additional information Click here for Samsco brochure Click here for more information 1, Click here for additional information 1, Click here for drawing Click here flow diagram Click here for Drawing Click here for drawings 1, Click here for design and process information Click here for more information 3, Click here to see pictures in storage Click here for brochure Click here for APV brochure Stay up-to-date on our New Arrivals and Weekly Specials.

Genemco sells used evaporators and box dryers including plate evaporator, single and multiple effect, Paravap, Rising Falling Film, Falling Film and Tubular Evaporators. Schmidt 4-Effect Evaporation System. APV Three Effect evaporator, with Alloy 20 vapor vessels and ducting and with Titanium heat exchanger surfaces plates in the 1st effect and Carpenter 20 heat exchanger surfaces plates in the next two effects.

The feed preheater is a heat exchanger with Incolloy plates. All product contact pumps are Alloy It has a dual TVR’s that will allow this evaporator to be easily turned down to lower feed and evaporation rates while maintaining efficiency. Genemco can help configure this system to a customer’s specific application and desired efficiency rate. Click here to see a video of the equipment. Last running 3-A milk products.


Can be re- configured to customers individual needs. The first stage has a 36 in. The MVR is sized to evaporate up to 23, pounds per hour.

Steam requirement is only required during system startup approx 30 minutes after which the MVR takes over and the steam boiler can be shut down. All product contact surfaces are stainless steel including heat exchanger plates, vapor separators, pumps, vapor and product tubing.

ACME fittings productebaporator 4 in. Second Effect Horizontal Separator Gallon. ACME fitting, 1 10 in. W frame80 in. This system was last running citrus juices and will be able to run most other types of juice or liquid products. First Effect Horizontal Separator – Gallon. S-line fitting sprayball1 21 in.

ACME fitting, 1 15 in. Enders Process Equipment Corp. Two Stage Wastewater Evaporator. Rated at approximately 3, pounds per hour water hndbook combined, or lbs. Supplied to the U. Navy for concentrating plating waste. TL stainless steel welded tubes 8 ft. TL SS welded tubes 5 ft. Overall dimensions 11 ft. Click here to see a video walk-around. Samsco Series Wastewater Evaporator. This is based on an input temperature of 70F then heating to F using 15, lbs of 60 PSI steam.

Circulation evaporator – Wikipedia

The nominal rating is short tons per hour based upon a circulated mass ratio of parts of heated material in circulation to each part of fresh material being added Along with tomato products, these systems are also used with some fruit applications. Within the heat exchangers, the OD of the inner heating surface contact is approx 20 in. This design is like a large triple tube heat exchanger with media on the inner tube and outer jacket product in the middle section.

The approximate length of heating contact is inches. Estimated product volume within a single heat exchanger is This system is designed for continuous production runs handboko several weeks, the results being highly viscous juices and concentrates with preserved product quality, color and natural characteristics, unaltered. Approximate capacity of the cone bottom separator: H and inside diameter: Manway anda cleaning sprayball.


Overall heat exchanger dimensions: Overall evapporator tank dimensions: Can be re-configured to customers individual needs. The heat exchanger plates and vapor separators are SS. Overall heat transfer area: Applications include those cooking starches. MNPT, 1 1 in.

Materials of construction include L stainless steel. Common applications include but are not limited to organic acids, herbicides, food mixes, starches, and wheat and soybean concentrates. Mojonnier Low Temperature Evaporator. This Mojonnier low temperature evaporator heats sensitive products at very low temperatures and is capable of evaporating at room temperature using both remote, hot and cold water sources.

The evaporation rate increases as product temperature is raised. In this design, chilled water must be run through the condenser in order to help evaporatog the vapor from the separator.

This system is intended to work in a manual mode in evapporator the product is introduced and removed manually, and condensate is removed manually. Pumps are also started manually. Waukesha 18 positive displacement pump. Sanitary Centrifugal pump – 1HP. Unit includes stainless steel product contacts, programmable Magelis controls, stainless steel cyclone separator, stainless steel sifter, 30 HP evqporator, and SS rotary air lock.

New dryer box walls must be fabricated on-site. Vapor in Tube Condenser. Job number A to SPV.

APV Dryer Handbook

Vapor in at F 1, pounds per hour. Condensate out at F 3. Vapor in at 1, pounds per hour, Condensate out at F 2. FPT, 1 5 in. H, number of steps: W, distance from ground: FNPT fittings, 1 3 in. FNPT, 1 1 ft. Spirax Sarco Condensate Recovery System.

Condensate receiver- 40 gal. Stainless Steel Paraflash Separator. Fermenter with Foam Separator – 20 Gallons. Vessel and jacket working pressure: Frei AG electric motor: Also features a Fundafom model foam separator. Fermenter – 8 Gallons.