May 2, 2020

Ancient Evenings: A Novel [Norman Mailer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Norman Mailer’s dazzlingly rich, deeply evocative novel of. Norman Mailer’s dazzlingly rich, deeply evocative novel of ancient Egypt breathes life into the figures of a lost era: the eighteenth-dynasty Pharaoh. The Norman Mailer Archive has finally opened in Texas. Perhaps now we’ll find out what Ancient Evenings was all about.

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And this is where Mailer understandably suffers. The ancient stars shine down on the newly built pyramids. This is ,as others have correctly asserted, an overlong bookand one suspects that had Mailer been less known and an good editor had applied the blue pencil on those passages that were merely lugubriouswe would have had a tighter, punchier novel. The recent news aboput Mailer being on his deathbed reminded me of my one and only attempt at reading his stuff.

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Ancient Evenings – Wikipedia

I can only tell you my experience of the book. T After so long a time in putting it off, the tale is now complete. Most but not all of the novel takes place on one long evening in or BCE, during which the characters including Borman IX tell stories evsnings the past. It is not sufficient to project one’s modern sensibility into a premodern time period; neither is it useful to envision all precursors to our modernity as quainter, rubish versions of ourselves.

Few authors can pull off greatness when it comes to projects they hold on to for too long. Views Read Edit View history.


Ancient Evenings

It is this tale that we follow with the pharaoh. As with actual sex in the actual world, the meaning all depends on context and participants.

Bloated and exhausting, this is still an exhiliratingly perverse phallocentric psychodrama as set in the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. It became more interesting to consider why he had gone off the tracks than to read him. One of normna best books I have ever read times!

That is, he does not treat his descriptions as gratuitous and I believe he meant by them to reveal how open and un-tabooed Egyptians behaved with regard to sex.

That bird must be the Khu–this sweet bird of the night–a creature of divine intelligence loaned to us just so much as the Ren or the Sekhem. Mailer’s sex scenes tend to punctuate if not always further the plot. If you read it in a hard-bitten American drawl, it’s even funnier. Sep 08, Jtmichae rated it liked it. Personally I prefer more of Mailer’s magic mind-reading, reincarnation, curses than his soap opera the power struggles of Egypt’s royaltyand there’s a lot of the latter, but stay with this beast and you will be rewarded.

If Mailer were as bad and as bankrupt his critics sometimes claim, we as a public body would never have had a reason to think the words “Norman Mailer”. There is also one final incest shocker in the last ten pages, as unbelievable as that sounds– after pages of incest it still serves as an effective twist.

Books by Norman Mailer. Please try again later. Crossing three millennia to Pharaonic Egypt, this tale returns to that land’s essences – the war, magic, gods, death and reincarnations, the lusts, ambitions, jealousies, and betrayals.


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Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer | : Books

We sail across dominions barely seen, washed by the swells of time. About Norman Mailer Born in in Long Branch, New Jersey, and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Norman Mailer was one of the most influential writers of the second half of the twentieth century and a leading public intellectual for nearly efenings years….

Most others considered it evdnings rubbish. I had the rare pleasure of chancing across a copy while staying in a rented cottage over the holidays. L’antico Egitto messo in scena dalla penna di Mailer si presenta con una veste inusuale: Like a sub-par Vollmann or a Pynchon mis-step. You’ve completely lost it. More about Norman Mailer. The cultural assumptions upon which they based their value systems, maioer ideas of self and of the world sncient radically from our own.

The main character is born into the world multiple times, and the world never changes, not really. In great synchronicity,when I logged in to write this review, the quote of the day is from NM whose birthday is today. There is, for example, the opportunity to seem to have been grappling with mysteries: As the reviews below suggest, this will be a 1 star or a 5 star for you, but unlikely to be anything much in between.

A startling work of creative imagination. Want to Read saving….